Georgetown first-graders make sweet case for pecan pie



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First Grade Lobbying Effort

I am extremely proud of Mrs. Mikeska, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriquez and the first graders from Ford Elementary. They worked very hard on the pecan pie project and the opportunity to present to our lawmakers is a once in a life time opportunity. Thank you parents and Mrs. Mikeska for your efforts to make this a wonderful opportunity for our students.
Jennifer Mauldin
Ford Elementary Principal

Jennifer Mauldin more than 2 years ago

Little Lobyists

Art Rodriguez and Mrs. Mikeska are examples of why we moved to Georgetown!. It takes a school district to build good schools and hire great teachers - and it takes a village to raise children like our little lobbyists!. So proud to live in Georgetown, Texas!

Karen Soeffker more than 2 years ago

Great Article

I rarely tear up with joy when reading about Texas legislation. What a refreshing change of pace. Thank you for the smile.

Cindy Posey more than 2 years ago

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