ACC considers participating in disparity study



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Quotas are racist.

It's time to hire people ON MERIT, and NOT ON RACE. Martin Luther King, Jr would be ashamed of institutions like ACC that want to use racial quotas or any other entity that does. If we start abolishing MBE's and the like, we can save a lot of money. It's nothing but Union contract after Union contract. And many Unions (not all of them) tell people who to vote for. It happened to one of my father's friends the Union representative told everyone "You are all going to vote for Barack Obama" it's a true story, and it happened in Tennessee. When you get a job, or get an education they look at your character and your merits. That is how it should be.

But I sure they all voted for it. Because the status quo is ready and willing to shaft the taxpayers.

Will more than 1 year ago

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