Civic groups back I-35 cut-and-cap proposal



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Cut and Cap

for more insite to the cut and cap google the tunnel mobile, it was created in teh 70's it works and the concept is the same

Mitch pacoy more than 1 year ago

Expensive Death Trap

Sinclair Black apparently knows little about vehicular tunnels from the standpoint of ventilation requirements and emergency access in the (almost-certain) event of an incident/accident involving fire, and has proposed nothing in the way of either passive or forced ventilation or fire suppression for his tunnel concept. Even if hazardous cargo shipments are required to use some alternate routing (e.g., Ben White/US 183 or SH 130 if their toll charges are waived), any fire which results from "normal" vehicles' involvement can produce highly toxic smoke from the fuel and plastics that burn, and once traffic become enmeshed within the closed confines without any escape possibility for their occupants, the potential for a large number of serious injuries or fatalities immediately arises.

I've noted previously that limiting the tunnel concept to the stretch from 15th Street to somewhere between Holly Street and the Colorado River Bridge will produce a vertical profile that will exacerbate the existing "shock-wave" effects on heavy vehicle operating speeds with the gradients to and from the upper/lower deck section of I-35 -- while no big fan of TxDOT, the end-run approach to drum up political/community support to gain public acceptance or endorsement of what is still an infeasible and undesirable concept from an engineering standpoint remains a shining example of Austin's idiotic public policy process where matters of transportation and urban planning are concerned.

Jim Vance more than 1 year ago

When pigs fly

The Tea Party in this region will never go for it. It features three things that they don't like - innovation, progress, and taxes.

Hamburger Helper more than 1 year ago

Cut and cap

I support the cut-and-cap proposal! I'd love to get involved in advocating for this. My email is

Andrew Hartford more than 2 years ago

Include tolled lanes, too!

Three un-tolled underground lanes plus two additional tolled underground lanes would make this pretty close to perfect. You would receive the additional toll revenue, you would create a beautiful above-ground boulevard (linking east and west Austin), you would free-up land for development, and you would add additional capacity in this corridor.

HereInAustin more than 2 years ago

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