March 7, 2013

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March 7, 2013

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Downtown Congestion

My wife worked at a downtown law firm for 30 years until retiring awhile back. Went to work at 9, would leave out house by Balcones to S Congress Monday through Friday and rarely spent more that 30 minutes in traffic. Would spend that or more daily getting home after 5pm knock off time.
The toll roads, including the one planned on Mopac should be discounted for those who share rides but it is all about money so they are not. Is all about money, otherwise ride sharing would be a priority.
People are not always able to share rides anyway, what if one has to go home, to schoo, gets sick and has to leave early? What if one wants to do something after work?
In an ideal world things would be different but there is not real solution and no one size fits all but in the meantime the city is only looking at how to make more money off taxpayers any which way they can.
We were in London last year and they started charging vehicles a hefty fee for driving into or around downtown during rush hour times but the place according to locals is as packed as befre the fees were in place. Vehicles there have GPS in them and the government knows where they are and when and the fine is sent electronically, kind of the way our toll tags work. I do not use the toll roads at all anyways.
Pedestrians and those on bicycles are not charged.

Austinite more than 1 year ago


Why not make the toll road free (or at least much cheaper) to big rigs and get them off 35?

Amy more than 1 year ago

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