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B-Cycle in San Antonio

We've used the B-Cycle system in San Antonio on a few occasions and generally had a good experience. The instructions are a little confusing at first - there's a daily fee, but no other fees as long as you "check in" at a station every 30 minutes. If you don't "check in" there are time-based fees as well. The only issues we've had were one time we "checked in" our bikes at a station that we didn't realize was out of service, leaving us stranded at the most distant station on the system. Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to walk to the next closest station, but it took some time on the phone with B-Cycle trying to figure out what to do about getting new bikes even though the ones we'd checked in were still listed as checked out. Another time we couldn't "check in" because the desired station was full. In that case, the sytem grants you an additional 15 minutes to get to another next station.

James more than 1 year ago

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