Update: City changes course to allow Hyde Park Market to hang flags from awning



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corner market flags ROCK

so glad this was resolved and the flags are back. and what cheesy cowardly person called Code Compliance on them? I call foul on that - the City ought to vet these complaints before acting on them cos what a easy, sneaky way for a disgruntled person to cause a bit of stress and difficulty on a business without having to own up to it.

Leslie ATX more than 1 year ago

Here is a petition


john more than 1 year ago

Hyde park flag removal

I will sign that petition with bells and flags on my dear friend Tony!!!! Back off Austin and none of your business,whiney person that complained about his flags!!!! Love you and your wife, Tony!!!!

Rene Walden more than 1 year ago

Maybe now they will start enforcing yard work!!

If tacky is what makes Austin beautiful, I need to move. I find Austin beautiful for the hills, river, and nightlife. But everyday I drive around I think why can't someone pick up or take care of their property. Being unique does not mean your property can look like a dump

RR more than 1 year ago


Are you from Dallas?

baldginj more than 1 year ago

In the mean time...

How 'bout a BIG banner representing the images of the arguable "signs"? I'd chip in.

Dax Markland more than 1 year ago

There goes another unique part of Austin

Yet another attempt to homogenize Austin and remove anything which stands out. I bet the anonymous citizen isn't even from Austin.

John B. more than 1 year ago


my guess is this so called squealer isn't even a local, but likely someone who moved here and doesn't accept Austin to be unique and original.

jess more than 1 year ago

Online Petition

I couldn't find the petition discussed in the article, so I started one here: http://www.change.org/petitions/city-of-austin-planning-and-development-review-department-let-the-flags-at-hyde-park-market-stay

Lee more than 1 year ago

Hyde Park market and flags

The complaining citizen will surely remain anonymous, for who would want to admit to being so small-minded? Meanwhile, this brouhaha will drum up new business for this wonderful little store. So THERE, chicken-dog anonymous citizen!!

Lissa more than 1 year ago

So sad when one whiner spoils everyone's fun

I live in Hyde Park and often patronize Hyde Park Market exactly because it is unique both within and without. It's a sad indictment of American and Austin culture when a creative and attractive street presentation is squashed by some bitter person and so called regulations.

I'll gladly sign Tony's petition.


Michael Morlan more than 1 year ago

Re: 200-300 taps

Hi BeerMan, it's not a typo, owner Tony Hooman said he is looking to install 200–300 taps. However, that plan is still in a very initial phase, so many things could change down the line. Thanks for your comment.
Gene Davis,
Editor, Central Austin edition

Gene Davis more than 1 year ago


That would require storage for up to 900 kegs--one on tap, one backup, one empty waiting to be picked up. Unless the store gets a whole lot larger, that is hard to imagine.

Steve Basile more than 1 year ago


WOW! I'm impressed with how many comments say they live in this neighborhood and they fully support the store owner displaying the flags. I bet the person that complained does not live there. This is another example of the way our country is headed. There is too much government controlling our small business. Small business is the backbone of this country. When they kill all of them, they will be killed all of us.

Patriotic on-looker more than 1 year ago


Petition please? This is my neighborhood and Tony is my buddy. This store is great. The complainer needs to be dealt with.

ResidentEvil more than 1 year ago

200–300 taps??

"...is looking to add between 200–300 taps of beer and a beer garden..."

Um, I'm going to guess that's a typo and should be 20 ~ 30? You would pretty much need to empty out the entire store in order to have space for that many kegs.

BeerMan more than 1 year ago

Our houses are not subject to this

I live around the corner, and I say we all purchase flags from the store to put up in our front yards.

Miguel Maldonado more than 1 year ago

US Flag

So, I wonder what the city would do if he put if 20 American or Texas flags. Would they still make him take them down?

Les more than 1 year ago

electronic petition? who complained?

I'll sign the petition if someone posts the link. If a complaint with the city was filed, then the person/group who filed it and their contact info should be public information. I would love to have a chat with them for harassing a Hyde Park business that I love buying beer and chocolate.

Marco more than 1 year ago


Typical Austin... interfering in private business... the bag ban was just the beginning folks!

Peter Thorn-Garcia more than 1 year ago

Oh rry

You're really equating the bag ban (which is rooted in economic and environmental prosperity) with this?

Personally the only beef with the bag ban I have is that now I have to actually go buy bags to pick up my dog's poop with.

Bo more than 1 year ago

stick it to this biz but let the taco pud do whatever it wants?

it amazes me how the city takes the time to enforce this code but fails to enforce a myriad of codes on the taco PUD with on rationale other than b/c the developer wants to make more money that allowed under the current zoning.

garret nick more than 1 year ago


Who has a link to the petition? I'll sign it!!!!!

Steve W more than 1 year ago

Go back to where you came from

Whoever complained us not an Austinite and needs to go back to the cookie cutter city they are from and stop messing with Austin's eclectic beauty that makes it the amazing place everyone has been so attracted to in the first place.

Lindsey more than 1 year ago

nailed it...

my thoughts exactly...

jess more than 1 year ago


Where's the petition

Amanda Lyles more than 1 year ago

obnoxious micro-management, hassling of small businesses

Oh, for gosh sake, what a waste of resources. I wish that cities would quit micro-managing small businesses. And fining them 2,000 a day? Nice cash cow, City Government!

Jenny Nazak more than 1 year ago


Where is the petition? I love this store. I lived on this block and I thought it added character and charm.

Eli more than 1 year ago

Love some flags

What!!! I liked them. They added personality to the corner. Promoting diversity and representing many countrys. Austin is not looking so weird any more but a boring copy of California.

kris more than 1 year ago

Electronic Petition?

I live 5 blocks from the store and would like to know how to find this electronic petition. Anyone got any information on this?

KDavenport more than 1 year ago


Since when has a national or international flag been considered signage for advertisement?

Dale more than 1 year ago

It's not called "The Flag Store of Hyde Park" for nothing

Go buy some gas there (its the cheapest around)
Go buy some beer there (best selection around)
Go buy a flag there (Why not?)
You'll be back, and if you're like me.. you'll be sad to see the flag store without its flags.
The owners are great and Hyde Park is a great community.

Neal more than 1 year ago


Flags are against code in the city of Austin. They won't pursue the offenders offhand but if someone makes a complaint, then they go after them. Blame the person who complained.

Cari more than 1 year ago


The city does have other issues that are more pressing but a citizen complained. Since it was filed the city had to look into it.

rob more than 1 year ago

It doesn't work that way

Yes, of course the city has better things to do, this is why they are complaint driven. They don't have people toruing the city looking for violations, otherwise it would be legion. There are few legacy Austin businesses that are in compliance, provided they don't cause any problems, no one complains and the city doesn't go after them. However, when something happens and puts the business on the radar, and someone files a report/complaint the city has to act. The complaints expire after either 90 or 180 days. After that, in this case, if the owner can resolve the code violation with the city he can put them back up, if he can't, he can put them back up anyway and wait for someone to complain again. If they don't, the city won't come looking, they have better things to do.

Mark Cathcart more than 1 year ago

The city has a bad habit of picking and choosing...

And when it comes to people reporting the CoA for violations, they turn their back and look the other way. Can't have your cake and eat it too, City of Austin. If you have properties that are in violation of your very ordinances, and they've been reported, then CoA needs to take care of it...not push it aside and act as though it doesn't count.

M_F_H more than 1 year ago

Do you have ACTUAL examples

or is this just your belief?

I have been through the neighborhood association, a number of examples. The city always takes action, but the discussions behind the scenes often resolves the violation without action. The city worked with all stakeholders and agreed no action, rather than ignoring the complaint.

Mark Cathcart more than 1 year ago

Not true

From what I've been able to unearth, only “Commercial Flags” are regulated, the definition of which is “a piece of fabric or other flexible material displayed for commercial purposes, but excluding the official flag of a nation or of a state”. In other words, as long as these were the flags of actual countries, they are not commercial flags.

Corey more than 1 year ago


They had the starfleet flag!

Justin h more than 1 year ago


How about a link to the petition??

JpMaxMan more than 1 year ago

Electronic Petition

Does anyone know where or how to find the electronic petition mentioned? I live half a block from the Flag Store so in the neighborhood.

Sharla more than 1 year ago


If you didn't like the eyesore, you could always shop elsewhere...

Lightfoot more than 1 year ago


I did not think the flags were an eyesore at all. I thought it was cool to have a "flag store"

N more than 1 year ago


They shaded the front windows in afternoon....they are colorful.....and they are quite an improvement over the ads for Monster energy drink or whatever other sorts of signs most stores have tied to every pole they have on their awnings.....since weird actually means uncanny and supernatural....no ..maybe they aren't weird.....just colorful and conversation starters...."which country is that from?" i used to say to my kids as we drove past

Fritz more than 1 year ago

Hyde Park Market

The flags are awesome and a great way to reinforce and teach our kids (and a lot of adults) about world geography. They are fun too. There are however a few stodgy Hyde Parkers that have nothing better to do than upset every applecart they can find.

Andy Jones more than 1 year ago

common sense

Then don't look at them.

Jess more than 1 year ago


The flags were an eyesore, there was nothing 'weird' about it.

larry more than 1 year ago

Flags, response

Going to have to disagree with you. The flags set the store apart, and I thought it was nice.

E Mitis more than 1 year ago

Better than the alternative?

I also disagree. The building itself is a bit of an eyesore, and the flags made it a lot more interesting. I personally think it was a great idea to inexpensively improve the outside while focusing his investment on creating a great neighborhood market.

Now he will either have to invest a lot of money out of his own pocket (which he probably shouldn't do), or the neighborhood will just have an ugly, boring building sitting there. Be careful what you wish for.

John more than 1 year ago

Everyone knows it by the flags

Those flags are apart of the neighborhood. Everyone knows the shop as "the flag store." I'm tired of "weird" being an Austin synonym for character or uniqueness, but they added a great deal of character and identity to the shop and my neighborhood.

ABD more than 1 year ago

Here's the culprit

Eyesore to you...I think the W hotel is an eyesore--does that mean it should be taken down?

nick more than 1 year ago


I think my neighbor's yard has been an eyesore for four years. City has done nothing about that. It's Austin after all!!

Isa more than 1 year ago

Be careful what you wish for

The neighborhood association fans who were pushing for more code enforcement assumed it would only have an effect on things that were against code that they didn't *like*, of course.

MIke Dahmus more than 1 year ago

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