Georgetown City Council denies rezoning for proposed car wash facility



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I was curious so I looked this up at Georgetown's website, and read the report, it doesn't say anything about a car wash except in the name of the project. It's next to a mall and a 4 lane state highway. From that report is a very important statement I didn't realize:

NOTE: Though done in the past, the City no longer considers or approves the “conditional” rezoning of properties, and therefore, cannot rezone the property for any specific use(s), or concept plan, presented by an applicant. Likewise, no specific development features such as distance buffers, walls, or additional landscaping can be associated with, or tied to, this rezoning decision. Staff must consider the impact of all the permitted uses in the requested Local Commercial (C-1) district – and the associated standards of development within the UDC for those uses - when evaluating a rezoning request.
It makes you wonder how a lot of stuff gets built around here if that's the case.

Stephen Foster more than 1 year ago

Spot Zoning?

In order to be consistent with the 2030 Plan and the Unified Development Code, the Mayor and City Council must deliberate with great constraint to avoid acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner, and taking unreasonable action toward particular development applications, without a finding of fact regarding an adverse impact or changed conditions from adjacent and nearby properties.

Acts of defacto "Spot Zoning" by City Council at the last minute, which disregard the current Future Land Use Map and defined allowable uses in zoning districts, are detrimental to Georgetown. City staff and Planning & Zoning work diligently to ensure that development regulations are administered consistently and are able to be relied upon, in good faith by Developers, in order to promote growth and benefit for all citizens.

Brian Ortego more than 1 year ago

Car Wash Facility

Good Call City Council! No offense to small business, just not an appropriate location for a car wash.

Don Johnson more than 1 year ago

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