Gumbo's to open on the Georgetown Square in September



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Just had a marvelous dinner at the restaurant on the square. The food and service couldn't have been better. So want this business to be successful! Will do my part! Come on area residents!!!

Carrie Thomas more than 2 years ago


This is so exciting! We've so been wanting another choice on the Square for dining! Looking forward to this!

Tammie more than 2 years ago

Gumbo's in Georgetown

Hi Glen_RoundRock,
I just wanted to let you know that the company's website has been updated with the information about the new Georgetown location. Check it out for more information.

Beth Wade more than 2 years ago

Welcome to The Square !

Congratulations ! We miss the RR location and look forward to having you in Georgetown.

Joseph Aubin more than 2 years ago

Welcome Neighbours!

All Things Kids welcomes you to the square.
We are not only a specialty toy and book store, we also have a fabulous play zone where we offer Parent's Time Out every Friday and Saturday evening until 10pm! Licensed child care providers on staff as well as Play Coaches to keep children entertained during your date night at Gumbo's North right next door!

Karen Soeffker more than 2 years ago

Welcome to the Georgetown Square!

Excited to have a new restaurant option with such a great name on the Georgetown Square! Looking forward to the grand opening!! The historic Masonic Lodge building with the only outdoor balcony on the square looks like the perfect fit!

Shelly Hargrove more than 2 years ago

Round Rock location

Does this mean their website about the Round Rock location on Heritage Center Circle is incorrect? Not complaining... can't wait to get my Shrimp Eddy fix back!

Glen_RoundRock more than 2 years ago

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