Hat Creek Burger Co. breaks ground on Georgetown location



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I would have preferred the site up near the Square, where there is abundant and spread out parking options that affords one the ability to walk to other destinations as well. But 8 townhouse owners, who purchased their homes with the full knowledge that something commercial, and something significant, could and would be built on the rest of that block, raised such a back lash that HCB could never satisfy the HARC boards whims. The same HARC board previously approved designs for a massive multi-use building for the site (against the wails of the townhomers). Just doesn't make sense. Destination restaurants are good. Texans like to drive-thru. I'll frequent HCB, but they got jobbed. Good for them in sticking w/ Georgetown.

Marvin McNutt more than 1 year ago

Hat Creek Burger Co. breaks ground on Georgetown location

Wow, what a belated surprise! Thanks to Hat Creek for having the tenacity to find a location, which actually benefits their concept, without overwhelming challenges. We'll count the days, until a Big Hat Burger can be had, without entailing a day trip.

Brian Ortego more than 1 year ago

Hats Off to Hat Creek

Amazing journey for the concept. The folks in GT will really love this concept. Can't wAit

Carl Spackler more than 1 year ago

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