Bee Cave City Council denies preliminary plat for Covert auto dealership



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Welcome Covert!

As usual, the alarmists are over-represented. I, and many others, welcome Covert to our community with open arms.

John Peters more than 2 years ago

Please don't ruin 71; no Covert!!

Not here! Not in the Hill Country. A Covert dealership should not be among subdivisions. Please, Please do not come here. We do not want you in the Bee Cave area!

Karen McGraw more than 2 years ago

Covert is not responsible growth

I agree with the many other readers who have voiced opposition to Covert's plans. They are bad for our community. To the notion that growth is inevitable, I would agree. None of us bought here thinking our community would cease to grow after we moved in, but we all made significant investments and we want to preserve the quality and safety of the community we love. We want neighboring businesses to be accretive to our property values. We have not opposed the many businesses which contribute positively to our community. Covert's proposed dealerships (and other which may follow) are not going to add anything positive to Bee Cave, and will cost us millions in property value. This is an inappropriate venue for car dealerships. The demographics are completely out of line with Covert's other locations. The median home sales price in Bastrop is $125,000. The median home sales price in Hutto is just under that. The median home sales price in Bee Cave is $450,000. We have a significant investment in keeping Covert out of Bee Cave!!!

Laura B more than 2 years ago

NO Covert dealership PLEASE!

As a brand new resident to Falconhead West (home was completed Oct. 2012), I am strongly against a Covert dealership being in my 'back yard'. I moved to Bee Cave to enjoy the beautiful TX Hill Country, peacefulness, and wildlife. Having moved from Cedar Park (aka: strip mall hell, where a nail salon, drycleaners, and gas station are every 50 ft), I don't want to see the lights, trafffic, or hear the noise of the dealership. If I did, I would have built on hwy 183. We don't have much say against big business and I realize $ talks. However, please reconsider this build.

Stefanie H. more than 2 years ago

No Covert Dealership in Bee Cave

Covert needs to rethink their plans to relocate in our neighborhood and family friendly city of Bee Cave. We chose this neighborhood for the beautiful hill country and a sea of concrete will ruin the aesthetics of our neighborhood. Not to mention the impact it will have on the safety of our streets.

Covert...please reconsider your plans! Join us in our fight by going to No Covert In Bee Cave on Facebook or

Jennifer Smith more than 2 years ago


My husband's family, comes from a line of GM employees and we have always, up until now, have purchased and been loyal to GM. As much as I drive out to the 183 location for servicing, I don't mind the drive. However, a Covert in the backyard of a very residential, family oriented community , is not what I would call being "A Good Neighbor"!!!! I am not happy with Covert planning to build here for obvious reasons of safety, traffic and congestion. Not to mention it being very unsitely! Please, reconsider this decision ! We want to remain loyal Covert customers, but, we will have to reconsider our decision if this goes through, even if it is 5 minutes from our house!
Thank you . TH

Teresa Henley more than 2 years ago

Hill Country Galleria Request

Every time I walk by the Covert cars placed in the Hill Country Galleria it makes me sick. I wish the Hill Country Galleria would tell the Coverts to get their vehicles off their property. The Coverts and their cars are not wanted anywhere in Bee Cave.

mike more than 2 years ago

No Covert Dealership

As with the other comments, I do not want to see our community allow Hwy 71 to turn into the "motor mile" like 35 or 183. If you get one dealership, you will get multiple more. It's simply a matter of time.

The amount of extra traffic, light pollution and noise pollution for the surrounding neighborhoods (especially Falconhead West) is unacceptable. This is not a business that will add value to living in the hill country.

Kirk more than 2 years ago

No Covert!

We are very unhappy with the plans Covert has to build so close to our neighborhood. We have small children who are unsafe playing near roads people will use for test drives. Not to mention the light and noise pollution Covert would bring!

Tricia more than 2 years ago

Covert in Bee Cave?

No one would have a gripe if it did not back up to a residential neighborhood. There has to be a more sutiable location!

grishw1 more than 2 years ago

No Covert near Falconhead West in Bee Cave

I am very upset with Covert locating next to my home in Falconhead West. We all know and Covert knows that a dealership built right next to us will ruin our Hill Country scenery, cause noise pollution, light pollution, water pollution, increase the traffic, and increase the chances of accidents on I-71 and put my kids at risk taking school buses back and forth infront of Covert's proposed site. I do own GM vehicles and I do not have a problem at all taking them to Covert's North Austin location off Duval. I've been getting them service there for over 3 years now. If Covert continues their plans to build in Bee Cave next to Falconhead West, then I will no longer be a Covert customer and stop buying GM vehicles in disgust. Please Covert, don't ruin it for us in Bee Cave!

Jeff Henley more than 2 years ago

NO COVERT in Bee Cave

Covert isn't looking at the big picture. The more people they make mad, the less cars they're going to sell. People aren't always good at spreading the word about places they like and good experiences they have. However, people are very good at spreading the word about a bad place or a bad experience. Their story goes from one friend to another and to another, and before long, someone who doesn't even know the original person with the bad experience is going along with the others and avoiding the bad experience like the plague.

Donna more than 2 years ago

don't want the Covert dealership in Bee Cave

We do not need the Covert car dealership in Bee Cave, especially adjacent to a neighborhood. It is definitely a safety issue on hwy 71 - there are no center turn lanes and it will pose a problem for people entering or exiting the dealership safely. Also, bright lights on a 24/7 basis is definitely a concern.

janet james more than 2 years ago

No Cover in Bee Cave

Building a car dealership on this property is condoning the destruction of the Hill Country. I have seen this area change so much since my family moved here in the 1970’s. While some change is good, a car dealership is not what this area needs. Traffic on Highway 71 is already awful on a very dangerous road, and the footprint a dealership will impose on our fragile ecosystem is very irresponsible.

Kimberly more than 2 years ago

No Room for Covert Ford dealership in Bee Cave, TX

No Room for Covert Ford dealership in Bee Cave, TX
After being in the military for 22 years, 8 relocations, and 3 deployments, our family bought a home in Bee Cave, TX hoping to finally settle down for a peaceful retirement. The hill country way of life in Bee Cave so far has been all that--unique, tranquil, easy, friendly, and simply "homey".
Now what value will the Covert Ford dealership/service station bring to the family community of Bee Cave? the industrial image of a Motor Mile, traffic problems from test drives and 18 wheelers hauling cars, light polution, noise polution, flapping flags and flying balloons.
Please help preserve the historical hill country way of life by joining the opposition of the development of Covert Ford Dealership in Bee Cave.

Vivi Sasaki more than 2 years ago


I live in the heart of the affected area too, but enough's enough with crying foul about progress.

BC Residents it's simple: you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Ok, so you bought a house here years ago before all the development, or even worse you bought recently and were naive enough to think that construction was going to cease all around you, despite the thousands of open acres of land as far as the eye can see.

The local area has built out at the expense and risk of others, and so have risen property values at a substantial rate since this is now an area that more than just retirees want to live in.

Perhaps they should just stop everything and enforce a ban on building anywhere near areas like Falconhead? Maybe force them into Lakeway and sit commercial pads in front of Apache Shores, after all that's not quite as nice/affluent of an area, right?

Everyone loves the convenience of the Hill Country Galleria, the multiple options for grocery shopping, and not 1 but 2 home improvement stores within a mile of each other.

Yes, traffic is getting worse and will continue to, but bludgeoning some savvy business folks for investing in YOUR local economy by bringing folks in from West Hill Country and beyond, a move that will only spur growth in local businesses, is just silly.

Based on some solid due diligence, these guys figured out a way to accomplish what they wanted; protesting won't stop them from coming, and pleading with the local council folk to put the cat back in the bag while enlisting sentiment for boycotts is futile.

To the guy whose back yard is steps away, I sympathize and would encourage listing your house ASAP before ground is broken.

To those who are so blatantly shocked by what is simply a master-planned community growing at a fast, albeit advanced pace, you should probably move to Briarcliff or another area where commercial development is unlikely to reach the boil it is here any time soon.

This is just the beginning of another round of explosive growth along 71 and 620 and if "light pollution" is one of the big concerns in your life, it's time to pack your bags!

Jonathan more than 2 years ago

No Covert in Bee Cave!!!

A car dealership is absolutely inappropriate right next to a residential neighborhood. The noise and light pollution will destroy the peaceful hill country atmosphere and the additional traffic will be a hazard on an already dangerous highway. This is completely irresponsible development.


Michael more than 2 years ago

Irresponsible growth

Growth is inevitable. However, we have a need for responsible growth. To build a large car dealership next to a large neighborhood, on a dangerous stretch of highway (known for fatalities) is NOT responsible growth. No Covert in Bee Cave

No Covert in Bee Cave more than 2 years ago

NO Covert in Bee Cave

The fact that this property is in the Bee Cave ETJ (barely and is surrounded by properties in the city limits) is proof that Covert is trying to force their way in where they are not wanted. They met with Bee Cave city council earlier this year and were told VERY clearly that we do not want a car dealership here. So...what did they do with that info?? They went and found a little piece of land right outside the best selling neighborhood in the area and bought it because Bee Cave city council cannot stop them. Sounds very shady and shows what kind of business they run. We tend to buy a lot of cars and I will NEVER buy from Covert if they follow through with this bad decision.

Kari more than 2 years ago

Say NO to COVERT development in Bee Cave

Does ANYONE want to see highway 71 west of Bee Cave become the next Motor Mile? (I mean, other than the Coverts?) You've driven those sections of I35 and Research Blvd. Have you ever said to yourself.. "Wow, I'd love to live in this area so that I wouldn't have to drive so far to check out the new cars!"? Probably not.

The Coverts (or their employees) might have a reason to live next to one of their dealerships.. but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they don't. Next time you drive by, take a look and ask yourself it you'd like that in YOUR backyard.. or even in the vicinity of your community.

So, it's not surprising that when the Coverts approached Bee Cave about putting a dealership in the City, the City said no. But, the Coverts haven't been in business for 100+ years without considerable determination. So, they pressed forward with their plans by finding a property in the ETJ where Bee Cave had little say. They know full well the impact this development will have on the community. COVERT apparently doesn't care.. and likely won't care, unless we help them care. Like any business, they care about making money. They make money via customers. We have to let them know that we won't BE customers if they don't care about the impact of their expansion on US.

DON'T BUY until they reverse this aggressive expansion into a community that doesn't want them as neighbors.

Morris Moore more than 2 years ago

Stop the Dealership

We want to preserve our beautiful Hill Country. Please go to: and join the fight.

Andrew Clark more than 2 years ago

no covert in Bee Cave

Covert is not wanted here and certainly not in the entrance to a neighborhood. This will affect all our property values and not too mention the extreme safety issues on 71 and people test driving cars on 71 and in neighborhoods that this will bring. Everyone in the Bee Cave, Spicewood and Lakeway area needs to band together to prevent Covert moving into our beautiful Hill Country living!

Kara K more than 2 years ago

No covert in bee cave

Please fight this it affects everyone in the area. I don't want to live next to the new motor mile.

Stephanie more than 2 years ago

No Covert in Bee Cave/No Covert in Hill Country

This is nothing personal against Covert, but no dealership is welcome and Covert was told that no dealership was welcome in Bee Cave. Did they do the neighborly thing and walk away? No, they did a sneaky thing and went behind everyone's backs and purchased foreclosed ETJ land. This is a disgrace to the Hill Country community that this dealership is going to bring unwanted additional traffic on an already treacherous 71, unwanted noise, unwanted pollution, unwanted lights, unwanted damage to the environment and destroying beautiful Hill Country land. There was an article written in April 2010 - wonder what happened to the rest of the family? Will they feel the same way the next time they drive out to their ranch or maybe they will just take another route?

Join us in our fight by going to No Covert In Bee Cave on Facebook or

Louise Wionzek more than 2 years ago

NO Covert

We are all for development to bring revenue to our city, but the Coverts have made no effort to meet with the neighbors or the HOA to be. Good Neighbor. They have been approached to discuss issues of the dealership and they will not even meet with residents in the affected neighborhoods. Help us fight Covert by signing the petitions.

Chris more than 2 years ago

Help stop this dealership

Anyone interested in helping in the fight please search out our Facebook group - No Covert In Bee Cave - and/or sign up to our yahoo group:

Paul Kline more than 2 years ago

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