Ben Hur Austin Shrine Circus returns to Cedar Park Jan. 18–21



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Ill be there! PROTESTING

how would you all like to by forced into captivity and beaten into submission..thought so. this is not a time honored american event. this is plan old cruelty. don't turn the eye on this. be a bigger person and do not attend!

MARIA 131 days ago


Is there a formal protest? I would like info.

nicole 128 days ago

So Don't Go

If you have a problem with the circus, don't go. You can always join the protesters that loiter at the corner as well. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms. Well, back to my those apples and bananas, they give me energy to dance!!

The Elephant more than 2 years ago

Degrading and dangerous for elephants and people

The Shrine Circus and, particularly, the Elephant Brunch are both degrading -- "elephants perform a dance routine" -- and dangerous -- "Circus-goers... will have another chance to meet performers as well as ride the elephants." Making elephants act in such unnatural ways, and especially making them carry members of the public on their backs, requires domination and coercion. Elephants don't do this because it is in any way "fun" for them. And yet, despite the human domination, elephants are wild animals, who may decide to rebel at any time. This puts both the public and the elephants at risk. Why is this still necessary in the 21st century?

Keith Lindsay more than 2 years ago

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