October 1, 2006

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October 1, 2006

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Doc Crumley

My Great Grandfather was the Grandson of Doc Crumley. His name was Benjamin "Daddy Ben" Crumley and lived out at Fitzhugh TX. The Crumley place is still in the family as far as I know.

M Condrey 359 days ago

Doc Crumley

Doc Crumley was my great, great grandfather also through his marriage to Martha H Cosby (need info on her family) through Sanford Idealy then Audrey Christoper and my father Jerry Idealy. I would love to get more info on our family. My brother , sisters and I have been up to Knox Cemetery to see "Doc" and the family gravesite, it is beautiful there.

Theresa Brownson more than 1 year ago

Doc Crumley

Doc Crumley was my great, great, great grandfather through his marriage to Martha H Cosby, their son Sanford I Crumley, his son James W. Crumley, to my grandmother Delia Francis Crumley. I would love to see a picture of these family heirlooms!

Katherine Chapman more than 1 year ago

Doc Crumley

Doc Crumley was my Great Grandfather. I have several of his belongings and pistol he carried before, during and after the civil war. His daughter Syntha was my grandmother. He and most of the Blackwell and Crumley clan are burried in the Knox cemetery in Lampasas county. The two families are related many ways through marriages

Michael Blackwell more than 1 year ago


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