Cedar Park approves Costco development agreement



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WOOO HOOO finally. dont have to drive to austin anymore!!

...ah!!! best birthday present ever=)

esther chou more than 1 year ago

How about Tahitian Village

Why not put a Costco in Tahitian Village in Bastrop? Lots of lots in there that could be combined to have a big enough parcel. Maybe then some utilities would be put in and people would move there. lol

Bastrop more than 2 years ago

There were probably many better locations than the one allowed!!!

I think Parmer and 1431 would have been a better location, or between Cedar Park and Leander. New Hope & toll183 would have also been a better location This will cause traffic congestion where it is currently slated to be located. Has no one been around Costco in the Arboretum area from Friday-Sunday? I like Costco but it seems Costco had the upper hand in this deal and the city officials were so afraid not to get the deal they accepted something less than optimal for the people in the city of Cedar Park. Cedar Park is not a big area, it is also 'land locked'. So it appears that they were playing keep-away from Leander, Round Rock and Georgetown and settled for a lesser outcome for the over-all aesthetic for the city of Cedar Park. Think for a moment...Why would a Big Box store need the best retail area, the city has shot itself in the foot. Where is the future growth potential for smaller retail shops in Cedar Park now. This appears to be one of those "Oh, Look what we did, now please re-elect me" type scenarios, no forethought involved.

hcforde more than 2 years ago


Yay, cant wait....cant happen soon enough!!!

JEN more than 2 years ago


So excited and love the growth in Cedar Park / Leander.

L more than 2 years ago

right next to the pond

So now the green belt with the pond will be looking at the back side of a giant Costco building? And there will be another leased building on the other side of the pond? Bye Bye nice pond.

Dan Grubbs more than 2 years ago

North Round Rock

It does seem like the distribution of warehouse availability would have made more sense in north Round Rock or Georgetown. The new location appears to be just a few miles up the highway from the current one on Research Blvd. Hmmm. Oh well

Dan more than 2 years ago

What about RR/GT/Pflugerville

Hasn't no one noticed that Costco is still far from the largest communities? All the Costco's in the Austin area are on the far southwest and the far northwest sides of town. They need to distribute a Costco store to the East to serve those communities. I call FOUL!!!

Ann G.L. more than 2 years ago


wonder what the restaurant with no previous reach in TX would be???

Bern more than 2 years ago


Per the developer site, looks like a bj's restaurant is also planned... So that will be two locations on 1431...(other being one near ikea)

Bobby more than 2 years ago

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