Cedar Park prepares for city’s largest road project in history



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Road Improvements Better served in Other Areas

While there are quite a few cars that travel that stretch of 1431, I firmly believe that the area between Whitestone and Lakeline on 183 would be a better location for an expansion. Have the bean counters checked traffic in that area?
Yes, admittedly those who use that stretch of 183 are avoiding the toll (because a lot of us cant afford food, or gas, let alone a toll). The up side on a road improvement there is that more traffic through the heart of Cedar Park....equates to more stop and shops through Cedar Park.

M Malone more than 2 years ago

Only two miles?

They need to widen all of it down to 35! That's a lot of money for such a short span!

That's a lot of money for such a short span! I think of a lot of other idea to do with $23 million. How about more family entertainment? We don't need any more restaurants! We need things to do instead of eating or traveling outside the area!

What a waist!

Greg more than 2 years ago

Time the traffic lights

The size of the road isn't the issue... it's the fact that every light is not timed to allow optimal traffic flow. I've never driven that stretch without being stopped by every single light. Frustrating...

Danny more than 2 years ago

1431 Widening

This is going to cause more problems then it's worth. I drive that road everyday to and from work, there is no need to widen it. If they do this, for two years my commute will be hell.

Kevin Kracht more than 2 years ago

largely rural undeveloped with only pockets of development,

That section may be "largely rural undeveloped with only pockets of development" but you have 6 Round Rock subdivisions that access 1431 to shop, work, etc. in Cedar Park that is will effect. I am glad they are going to fix that section of 1431 since this is a very dangerous road with so many red light and the speed limit being 60 mph. We may not live in CP but we do spend our money there. Also, Round Rock needs to do the same thing for the section from Sam Bass to 35 or we will just end up will other issues when the East bound lanes go down to 2.

Mayfield Ranch Resident more than 2 years ago

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