October 18, 2012

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Not a good location

There is NO place to park - McD's isn't going to let you park there, ZTejas is so jammed that people end up parking at the Palace - and only four trailers won't grab enough mindshare to get people to come here on a regular basis. It ain't gonna fly long term.

Bob more than 2 years ago

Very good idea

Families can come home and grab dinner on the run, just in time! or on their way out in the morning. I used to do this same thing when I lived in Hong Kong on my way to and from work every morning in a very similar fashion. It was very convenient and the food was great. Good job Avery Ranch. Nice move by the developer here! Smart team.

Tim Thornton more than 2 years ago


The tiny lot here is kind of odd .... no street visibility .. jammed into corner behind McDonalds... not really much drive up parking... but I'll check it out anyway!! Best of luck.

Cliff Hodgins more than 2 years ago

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