February 20, 2013

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February 20, 2013

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for civil service

Worried Leander Citizen,
Who said the city would loose the fire chief? not one word I have seen has said the firefighter wanted to loose their chief. The firefighters seem to feel they need a fair process to hire and promote as they seem to think maybe it has not been in the past, they would know as they work there and you don't. You seem the think they would quit working out or training if it passes, that is insulting statement and proves you don’t know any of them or how hard they work. They accrue six shift a year, what if a family member is hurt or heaven forbid becomes sick enough for an extend stay in the hospital six days don’t go very far, currently if a firefighter is injuries at fire or on duty they go on workers comp and quit accruing sick and vacation hours and go to 60% of their pay , under civil service they would keep accruing and get their pay. When this happens maybe you can sign up to go to the burn unit and tell the family we are cutting your wages and stopping benefit time. Why don’t you contact a firefighter and ask him about 143 and they can explain it to you, not just take the word of a politician.

It's about time more than 1 year ago

Civil Service may be good for FF, but is it good for citizens?

Civil Service may grant firefighters more vacation, more sick time, but at what cost to the citizens? And do they really need more vacation time? Currently, they work one day and have off two more. They don't even need to use vacation or sick time if they can trade hours with a buddy. They can have an entire week off work without dipping into their accumulated hours.

Currently, Leander citizens have the benefit of volunteer staff. In most cases of Civil Service being put into play, the cities lose volunteers. Even losing their Fire Chief. We don't want that. Fire Chief Gardner is a supportive member of our community.

Additionally, Civil Service offers more protection to the firefighters. That's great. But, let's ask why they think they need this protection? What's not fair? They are not getting protection from going into burning buildings. That is something instilled from their training via the programs Gardner puts into place. It's protection from being being treated like an employee. An employee that is expected to keep up their skills, training, health, etc. I understand they provide a service that I am unwilling or unable to do myself, but I'd like to think that we are holding them to a standard to stay knowledgeable, healthy, fit. That they are making good decisions.

With Civil Service, it's just more and more politics protecting people who need to be able to protect us, the citizens.

Worried Leander Citizen more than 1 year ago

taking care of those that take care of us

As a delivery of service, physically there probably isn't anything. But what it is doing is giving back to the firefighters just a smidgen of what they give to us on a daily basis. Who wants to do the job they do every single day for how much they get paid? I don't. There's no way I would go into a burning building or stand in the street trying to take care of a patient while other cars are zooming by. Not a great comparison but hopefully you get the point here. Everybody was in an uproar when they thought Apple was having workers build their iphones in sub-standard conditions and cried foul. It doesn't mean the product was bad or did making their working conditions make the iphone better, it was taking care of the workers. The firefighters are going to deliver the same service no matter what the outcome is and I'm sure of that. But, if some things going on in their department aren't fair, are you willing to risk losing the good guys to other departments and cities that do take care of their employees. I'd much rather have a person that is willing to take care of me because he knows we're taking care of them. It's the least we can do unless you want to hop on that truck and do it yourself.

Randy Mitchell more than 1 year ago


How does the institution of Civil Service provide a benefit to the tax payers?

P. Sherman more than 1 year ago


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