Leander home count expected to double, mayor says in city address



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Firefighter support

Just to clarify Jill's comments. There has been no decrease in funding to the Leander Fire Department or its firefighters.

LeanderSince98 more than 2 years ago

Good Job

That's why I voted for him. But talk is cheap. Get it done. Time to show and proof.

Jose more than 2 years ago

interesting news

The city is going to double in size, permits are up as well as tax revenues. That's great news and really good to hear. What surprises me though is with these increases, there's no money to support your firefighters and returning to them just a small percentage of appreciation as compared to the countless dedication they have given to our city. From sitting in the crowd and watching the poor representation of my city council in their "workshop", you weren't even giving them a chance to respond without lashing out. No maturity at all on the city leaders part. I had to speak to them outside of the meeting just to hear their side of the story. I came to learn more about it, but I left embarassed to witness such childish behavior of our mayor and city council.

Jill Anderson more than 2 years ago

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