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SB 198 & HB 449 - Xerioscaping & HOA

The state senate and house are close to passage on a bill that would prohibit HOA's from banning xerioscaping. It is not lost on residents or city officials Cedar Park/Austin that we need to preserve/conserve our natural resources.

Cyndi Bell more than 2 years ago

Cedar Park is handling the drought ALL WRONG

We recently moved away from Cedar Park and relocated to the Denver area. Part of the decision to sell our home and move was based on the ridiculous requirements of the Lakelike Oaks HOA and Cedar Park in general. Water is precious, and we did everything we could to conserve.

However, it WILL NOT MATTER in the long run whether Cedar Park decides to stick a pipe in Lake Travis if SOMETHING IS NOT DONE ABOUT CONSERVATION. Sure, only watering twice a week is a good start. However, our short-sighted HOA would not allow residents to xeriscape and would not allow the alteration of wasteful St. Augustine grass in the neighborhood. It was simply AGAINST THE RULES. Even if your little grass patch between the street and sidewalk died, you'd be FINED. Not to mention the cost...our water bills were in excess of $250 a month in the summer, just to water the stupid grass.

Perhaps the City could think about things like rebates on xeriscaping for residents. But your very first priority needs to be reigning in HOAs like Lakeline Oaks whose only priority is keeping the neighborhood looking GREEN....not conservation. Until something is done to force these guys to start thinking about water conservation and helping residents to "do the right thing," you're going to have a problem that NO big pipe in Lake Travis is going to solve.

Yeah, that's the same HOA that won't allow solar panels either.

It's so refreshing to live in a city that not only THINKS conservation but also promotes it. From extensive bike trails and rail systems (we don't have to drive our cars anywhere!), to common sense conservation, we're really shocked at how behind the times Austin area really is. We are so tired of the "it's my God-Given Right" attitude that's so prevalent in Texas...it's my God-given right to waste water on my lawn, it's my God-given right to trash the land, it's my God-given right to throw a cigarette out my car window and torch the median. Oh, but wait, we can't use those "Missing Elderly" signs on the freeways to ask people not to do that because we might offend the smokers.

I lived in Austin from 1984 to 2012, and it makes me sad to see this happen. I love Austin. But there are still so many things that still need to change. Water conservation is one of them.

Aggiekat more than 2 years ago

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