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Replace Whole Foods Gateway w/ a great Grocer

Despite the tight parking at Gateway, I enjoyed shopping regularly at Whole Foods there, like many of my neighbors in NW Hills and Great Hills. I always managed to park with far less effort than at Central Market on Lamar. For me, it won't be worthwhile for me to follow Whole Foods out to the Domain location. There are simply other options that are more convenient, though I hope that another grocer offering quality organic produce and specialty foods will move into Gateway when Whole Foods exits. I have heard a lot of good things about Trader Joe's. Gateway is still a primo location for NW Hills/Great Hills/Balcones Woods shoppers that don't have the time or inclination to go out of their way to the Domain for grocery shopping.

No Domania for me more than 2 years ago

Excited about Whole Foods move

The location of the new Whole Foods is perfectly positioned between on/off ramps on northbound Mopac, and parking will be abundant judging by the size of the lot and the garage below the store. Residents near and in the Domain are excited by the prospect of having a grocery store within walking or biking distance. And a beer garden to boot! The Gateway is second only to Arbor Walk in terms of awful accessibility, so the open roads near the Domain location should contribute to less road rage, unlike the 360/183 intersection where it's every man for himself.

domainloveswholefoods more than 2 years ago

Perfect spot for a Trader Joe's store

Seems like a funny choice to move. While the Domain is upscale shopping, it is nowhere near as convenient (highway on/off) as the current Whole Foods location. Parking at the Domain is not very convenient unless you are looking to go for a stroll, I surmise they will improve it for a grocery store. I know Trader Joe's is coming to Austin, but this seems like a PERFECT location for a Trader Joe's

Let's forget about Domain-i more than 2 years ago

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