Capital Metro board approves expanded weekend service for MetroRail



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Erroneous reporting on Foster Hts. issue

Foster Hts. residents (I spoke at the hearing) are completely IN FAVOR of increased MetroRail service. We are only unhappy with CapMetro not completing the "Quiet Zone" at the Rosewood Crossing, as promised. "Freight trains" were NOT the issue in our presentation to the board; the installation of a "Quiet Zone" was the main issue. There was a design flaw when CapMetro initially started the necessary infrastructure for the quiet zone, and they then had to abandon the project, never to return and finish what they started. With the increase in number of trains and later hours on Friday and Saturday, it will bring trains through our community consistently from every half hour to every hour, with horns blaring. And, yes, this increased service will push the travel of the freight trains back further into the early morning hours, which will ADD to the day-long, night-long blaring of train horns by MetroRail.

Linda M. Hutchins, Chair Foster Hts. more than 3 years ago

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