Capital Metro receives $11.3M federal grant to expand MetroRail



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Noise, speed, curves

Will the additional elevation on curves that allows for more speed also allow for quieter operation? The shrieking noise seems directly related to the speed of the trains. How much of the grant are you using to address this problem that seriously affects the people living along the rail?

Kate Cronkite more than 1 year ago

Re: Noise, speed, curves

Hi Kate, I reached out to Capital Metro about this and received a response back. A spokesman said the agency hasn't heard too many complaints about noise as it relates to squeaky rails and that although the TIGER grant will enable Capital Metro to make several service enhancements, noise improvements are not specifically spelled out. I hope that answers your question. Also, please read the updated article on the improvements here:

If you have any others, please feel free to email me at

Amy Denney
Editor, Northwest Austin

Amy Denney more than 1 year ago

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