First MetroRapid route launches Jan. 26



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Discontinued Routes

Not only that, 801 is basically going to modify the #1 routes, by making Metric-Bluff Springs become Route-1, and 801 become North Lamar/South Congress. Not only that, 803 is going to replace Route-3, and not only it's confusing, a single ride at $1.50 is really high. Why couldn't they keep the local routes, with 1L (Lamar/Congress) becoming Route-1, Metric (1M) becoming Route-2, and keep the Burnet/Manchaca Route-3. With local routes, the fares are lower, and the service is just as good.

All in all, an improved form of service in my viewpoint could work like this:
1=North Lamar/South Congress (Local)
2=Metric/Bluff Springs (Local)
3=Burnet/Manchaca (Local)
81=North Lamar/South Congress (Metro-Rapid)
83=North Burnet/South Lamar (Metro-Rapid)

Nicholas Gerow more than 1 year ago

Re: MetroRapid

Who's going to ride with the rip off fares they are going to charge once the service begins? Linda forgot to mention one very important detail the fact that you have to purchase a premium pass to ride the so called Rapid Bus, and that Metro Local passes will not work at all on the Metro Rapid Bus. Of course she didn't mention that it costs the taxpayers $4 million dollars to purchase their toy cell phone application.

By the way, Why doesn't Linda ride the Metro bus with passengers on board? She promised back in 2010 she would, but I swear I have not seen her on any of Capital Metro's bus routes.

Will more than 1 year ago

Good point

That's 'very intuitive'. A transit agency aware of it's passengers--and their actual economic realities--would not be afraid to ride with them. Or see their every day realities.

Robin more than 1 year ago

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