August 14, 2013

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August 14, 2013

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I vote for Lake Creek 7

BLKramer 205 days ago

Now Open

According the the theater's Facebook page, they are now open:

The website was also recently updated as well which lists showtimes:

Stephen 270 days ago

Does it have a name?

Does it have a name? Or should I just call it movie theater? Do they have a website? This is info that would valuable to people.

Katherine 297 days ago

Re: name, website

Hi Katherine, I contacted the theater company Nov. 13, and no opening date has been set, but they do have a website,, as well as a Facebook page: I drove by last week, and there is no sign up yet, but the name will be something like Lake Creek 7. We will be writing an updated article once an opening date has been set, so stay tuned.

Amy Denney, editor for Northwest Austin

Amy Denney 297 days ago

Time line?

Hi,Any news on when it will open?

Christine Mauer 309 days ago

Re: opening

Hi Christine, the theater company said there is no set opening date, but they are going to let us know as soon as they set one. We will be following up with an article on the opening date, so stay tuned.

Amy Denney, editor for Northwest Austin

Amy Denney 309 days ago


So, when is it going to open?? Hasn't a date been set yet? Their website says nothing.

Bob the skeptic: I don't think it's really going head to head with Alamo because of the price. If you want to pay $2 to see a movie, I think it's reasonable to expect it to be not quite as nice. There are plenty of full price nice theaters in the area. This competes with the discount 8 in round rock but I don't have to drive to RR.

Mikki 331 days ago

Re: Opening date

Hi Mikki, I just checked with the theater company this week, and they are shooting for a mid-November opening. We will be writing a article on its opening with all the details, so stay tuned.

Amy Denney, editor for Northwest Austin

Amy Denney 331 days ago

count us in

we usually go to the discounted round rock 8 , so having this theater just down the street is super awesome..We don't care how old the movie is...a movie is a movie...all we want is the whole movie theater experience for cheap.

Esy 334 days ago

Dangerous strategy

Going head-to-head with a brand spanking new Alamo Drafthouse just up the road? With a typical poor-quality movie theater experience? Pass ...

Bob the Skeptic more than 1 year ago

Not going Head to Head with the Alamo

Quoted text from the article: Searer said the plan is to use all seven screens at the former Alamo Drafthouse location but not the kitchen. The new theater will serve typical concessions of popcorn, candy and soft drinks. Although the theater does not yet have a name, Searer said it will be something similar to Lake Creek Theater or Lake Creek 7.

Calley319 359 days ago

What is the name of "The Company"

"Chief Operating Officer Nathan Searer moved to Austin"

He is the COO of what company?

Aaron Parker-Fasel more than 1 year ago

Re: company name

Hi Aaron, it is a new corporation operating under the name Southwest Theaters. There aren't any details on it because it is being created to operate the new theater. The article has been updated to address your question.

Amy Denney, editor for Northwest Austin

Amy Denney more than 1 year ago

New theater

When will this be opening up? I like having a CLOSE BY theater!!

Marc Witmer more than 1 year ago

Re: New theater

Hi Marc, the opening timeframe for the theater was accidentally omitted. I have updated the article to indicate it will open in one to two months. Thanks!

Amy Denney, editor for Northwest Austin

Amy Denney, editor, Northwest Austin more than 1 year ago

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