November 27, 2013

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Less than .2 percent

that's POINT 2 % signed up. . and "might qualify" honestly what prevents someone from qualifying unless they're incarcerated?
And were did this report list the rates?

Laure more than 1 year ago

Reply to "Less than .2 percent"

Hi Laure, from my understanding, everyone can qualify for health insurance plans through regardless of income, unless they are incarcerated. If you are referring to health insurance rates, please take a look at our graphic which includes estimated rates for health insurance and estimated costs of penalty fees for not signing up for health insurance. More information about cost of plans can be found at Hope this helps.

Lyndsey Taylor, Northwest Austin reporter more than 1 year ago


LSCC screened 1900 people enrolled 4 people, you call this success, I call it dismal, same for UnityCare screened 3719 and only 14 enrolled, what happened to the other 5601 that needed insurance? it is a mess in my opinion

Tim Callan more than 1 year ago


This reading list considers various issues related to the affordability of premiums under ACA.

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson more than 1 year ago

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