February 28, 2013

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February 28, 2013

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So many things wrong with IH35/Parmer/Howard

There are so many things wrong with the whole area. First of all, when the Parmer lane bridge was built, North and South turn around lanes should have been put in right away. It is ridiculous that Yager lane has both turn around lanes and Parmer does NOT. Especially, since Yager doesn't receive anywhere near as much traffic. Oh wait, I wonder if the TCEQ state agency just south of Yager has anything to do with that. As Hank mentioned, most of the time there are long lines waiting to turn around and it takes 3 to 4 light changes before making it through that horrible intersection. Unfortunately, I do live and shop in the area when I can't avoid it. Secondly, there is no access to the highway on the Southbound frontage road before getting to Parmer. The Northbound frontage road has both and exit and entry between Parmer and Howard. I've only lived in my neighborhood for five years, but I was told by a neighbor that there used to be a highway entry access on the Southbound frontage road before Parmer in front of Walmart before that stretch got rebuilt. The lack of highway access before Parmer only congests that intersection even more. The third problem is with the Northbound frontage road, as it has the highway exit and entry at the wrong ends. The highway exit is just before Howard lane, so you miss all the businesses when you exit on Howard. This means you have to exit on Parmer to access all the businesses between Parmer and Howard, which once again adds to the congestion at that intersection. I sure hope the person that designed the Parmer lane and IH35 intersection is no longer working for the state wasting tax payer money.

North Austinite 58 days ago


Ban all large trucks in the mornings 6 am- 9 am Monday -Friday. And then in the evenings 3pm - 6pm Monday - Friday. Or they could stay on the frontage roads in that time zone.

Brenda 232 days ago

Also support I35/Parmer Turn Around

@Hwy Man, I completely agree about an I35/Parmer turnaround and I thought the exact same thing when I saw that they want to put a turn around at Braker instead. There is never much traffic waiting at Braker, and the south bound light at Parmer always has a long line. I don't even live near that intersection, but it would be my #1 vote since I currently avoid the stores/restaurants in that area due to that intersection.

Hank S more than 1 year ago

IH 35

I do think the semi trucks should not be on the freeway in downtown as that congests things alot. They should have the tolls waived for the toll road. Since the majority of them are driving through it makes sense for them to use the toll road.
IH 35 has only gotten much worse with NAFTA as the back and forth semi traffic has increased exponentially.
This should also improve air quality in the city as well.
I do not think what CAMPO wants to do is right. They want to toll lanes on IH 35. They are already planning on this for Mopac and that is a joke in itself.
They call them HOV/Managed Lanes lanes and they are mostly failures with most being converted back to general purpose lanes. 11 major metropolitan areas as of 2011 eliminated 206 miles of the lanes and returned them to general purpose lanes because they did not reduce congestion.
The Managed/Toll Lanes are often referred to as Elite Lanes as while the majority who cannot afford the cost sit in traffic those who can afford the cost virtually have the lane to themselves, much like the toll roads themselves.

Austinite more than 1 year ago

Make life easier...please.

Please put in a turn around lane going south bound I-35 to North bound I-35 on Parmer. You dont need one at Braker. Also while your at it please put in back the on ramp from howard going south bound on I-35 so we dont have to wait at the parmer light. I feel when the Wal-mart opened it paid some TxDot big wigs a lot of money to take it out so every one would be stuck on the service road and just maybe Wal-Mart would get some to turn into there store.

Hwy Man more than 1 year ago

IH 35 suggestion

I would like to suggest that any freight trucks or 18 wheelers not be permitted to use IH 35 through the downtown area. I think that these companies should be waived from any toll costs to get their trucks out of the middle of the city. I realize that professional drivers are trying to cut time by taking 35 but it actually is slower with the stop and start traffic.

Another suggestion is that we expand the most heavily congested parts of IH35 to cut down on traffic.

Also, some ramps are too short to access the highway, and should be lengthened to prevent traffic accidents.

I hope the persons in charge of this design are taking note of Austin area resident suggestions.

A. Mardiros more than 1 year ago

Root of the problem

While these improvements will be welcomed, the underline issue is I-35 is not compatible with the growth that Austin has and will continue to see. These are mere band-aid fixes and there has been no comment to the source of the issue which in my opinion is expanding the highway from a 6- to 10 plus lane highway with an additional HOV in either direction. Again I do agree with correcting and rebuilding the supporting roads that surround the highway. Frontage roads and bridges and underpasses are vital. However they wont make a bit of difference if the major vein of 35 is not expanded. Dallas and Houston both are and have been for the past 10 years been working on their freeway systems and they still are not where they should be. As more and more people move to this GREAT city to call home, these issues are only going to multiply when I-35 sees millions of cars a day and our morning commutes are 1.5 hours to work.

Justin-Kristopher Laws more than 1 year ago

Build a RAMP between Howard LN an Parmer LN

The worst traffic near Parmer and Howard is pretty much all day hours. There needs to be a ramp across from Target to Lowes. Build one using Center Ridge Drive PLEASE!!! why make all the drivers wait at the traffic lights from Parmer to Howard and make a UTURN every time just to across from one spot to the other spot

Richard more than 1 year ago


TX Dot should have done something with IH-35 20 years ago and it wouldn't be costing so much. They definitely need to allow trucks to travel on the toll road for nothing which will reduce accidents and maybe keep the cost of our goods down. TX Dot also needs to repave Lamar from 45th all the way north to Parmer because when IH-35 is backed up people take Lamar or MoPac. Austin has been growing since the 80's and no one did anything about it. They should do what they did with 183 and build another road above IH-35.

Guadalupe Salazar more than 1 year ago


Does TxDOT or CTRMA even have th epower to swap I-35 and SH130? I don't think they do, or they would have done it by now.

SE Austinite more than 1 year ago

TxDOT preparing for I-35 mobility

It's good that the problems are finally being addressed. However, after looking at the map I want to know how TxDOT thinks these projects will help with congestion. How is rebuilding an underpass going to help the folks traveling on IH 35 and for that matter make the frontage road 3 lanes?

Caren more than 1 year ago

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