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RR xing road closure at McNeil/St Williams -DON'T DO IT!

I agree completely with Ms. Sally Forsyth’s description of the situation. Our Chisholm Valley neighborhood has only 4 (at best) ways out of it. None of these have a traffic light and morning rush hour it’s tough to get out and on our way to work. Now they say that one of those routes out will be closed. This is a really bad idea! Please reconsider the closing of the McNeil – St. Williams egress from the Chisholm Valley neighborhood and how it would effect all my neighbors and me.

Elizabeth Beil more than 2 years ago

oops in my spelling

Oops, on my earlier post I meant the rhumb route.

sally forsythe more than 2 years ago

RR xing road closure at McNeil/St Williams

I live in a community of around 550 homes, an apartment complex, and around 100 duplexes. We have one northern artery out of the center of our neighborhood where people can turn east or west and take a rum route to head north. The City of Round Rock Transportation Dept has proposed our railroad crossing at McNeil/St. Williams for closure because of costs to upgrade to the Quiet Zone.

Many residents have signed a petition to keep our crossing open. It's now up to the City Council to decide our fate. We did not complain about the train or consider it an environmental issue. Our planned detour will take us thru a school zone and add time and gas money to our day. This is a form of taxation in added gas money.

I hope the Community Impact Newspaper will join us Sept. 13, at 7pm, in the City Council's chambers at 221 E. Main Ave to hear our plea to the Council to please put our citizens FIRST and economic development second in their priorities. We did not attend the open house meeting of the Transportation Dept because we did not know that the Quiet Zone meant Road Closure.

sally forsythe more than 2 years ago

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