Design, construction plans for indoor sports complex under way



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Financing through hotel tax

The hotel occupancy tax that is paying for the complex is a tax on hotel nights, so the only Round Rock residents who will pay for the complex are those that stay in Round Rock hotels.

Blake more than 3 years ago

What percentage of the project cost comes from taxpayers?

"Round Rock Finance Director Cheryl Delaney estimates the project will cost between $15 million and $20 million, funded primarily by the hotel occupancy tax."

I have two questions. What percentage of the complex cost will have come from Round Rock taxpayers? The other question is dependant upon the first. If any of the cost is derived from local taxpayers, will the sports complex be free for local schools and teams to utilize for a similar percentage of the available time?

As a resident of Round Rock, if I'm paying for a construction project for recreational use, I would like to know the stipulations involved.

Clay more than 3 years ago

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