June 27, 2012

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June 27, 2012

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We need an In and Out! It will be a great hit here in Austin, alot of Californians are coming to Texas and we need this!

Sarah 336 days ago

Opening of In-Out-Burger Round Rock Texas

we thought the restaurant was already open and went looking for it. I must say I was very disappointed because I love me some IN-n-Out Burgers. Yes I am from California. Please get the issues worked out I am hungry for my favorite burger,

Sharae Walker more than 1 year ago


Fries with animal sauce please.

Matthew Maciok more than 1 year ago


Mighty Fine, that's funny.

james more than 1 year ago

In & Out Burgers!

it dosent get any better. mighty fine is a good imitation (onion breath) and whataburger was good till commercial rights took over. hype kills the experience (the build up) so here it is No freezers, they peel there own potatoes, bake their own bread, no microwaves! fresh veggies they did it 1st many here have tried to copy cat. be intelligent and jus try it.

Jimmy Rey more than 1 year ago

looking forward to it

I am looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about. I have hear really good things about the burgers there. So far the best burger in the Austin area is the Kona Burger at the Kona Grill in The Domain. Mighty Fine is good, Five Guys is so-so (they dont live up to their hype IMHO), so will be interesting to see if they can keep up

dave more than 1 year ago

in n out burgers

wo cares. Mighty Fine is the best !!!!!!!!!!

who cares, Mighty Fine is the best !!!!!!!!!! more than 1 year ago

Inn Out

My mouth is watering for a real hamburger. The closet hamburger place to me is Whataburger

Mr Dell more than 1 year ago

In n out

Is it a done deal, if so has construction started. Can't wait.

Peggy more than 1 year ago


Lets show tx what a real burger is all about!!! I can't freakin wait! When will it be here and why does Dallas need 3? What about Austin??

California Girl ! more than 1 year ago


Where do we find the opening date for the round rock opening date!!!!!!
i want to be there on opening day!!!

military more than 1 year ago

In N Out!!!

Cannot wait... anyone know what's the hold-up?

Sugar more than 1 year ago

In n out

Omg everytime my fam visits home in Cali we gotta stop by in n out! Can't wait till its here!!!!!!

Lauren more than 1 year ago

In and Out

I am jumping for joy that In and Out to coming Round Rock. Alittle of home right down the street from me. YEAH.....Now can we bring come real mexican food here too and I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

cutiejoey more than 1 year ago

In N Out

There is NO WAY Mighty Fine even comes close to In N Out...every time I eat there I have a bad taste in my mouth..yuck...In N Out is the best and soon all So Cal will take over!

Tracy more than 1 year ago


First Trader Joe's now In-N-Out? Now I really can move to Texas :)

Kavita Singh more than 1 year ago

In and Out

Pixielady...Austin is getting a Trader Joe's so you should be happy :)

Kego more than 1 year ago

In and Out

Sorry Sooooo excited, but Mighty Fine absolutely compares and beats In and Out...but I am happy to see them come to central Texas!

Kego more than 1 year ago

About time

I'm from Texas, born and raised. I love everything about this state but we don't have ANYTHING that comes close to In-N-Out! I'm beyond excited.

Emily more than 1 year ago

Where is in and out

Should they be filing an application with the Planning and Zoning Commission. Its like i could walk in and say that (any company wants to build) and get a approval without that company even knowning and get the land zoning changed over to somthing else. then bring in a buisness that has less of a appeal.

Jason Bo more than 1 year ago

Sooo excited

Who ever thinks that Mighty Fine comes even close to In N Out it just NUTS!!! Mighty Fine doesn't even hold a candle to In N Out.
One of the only things that I miss after moving to Round Rock from California four years ago, is In N Out....I can hardly wait!!!

Stephanie more than 1 year ago


Finally now we gonna have a real hamburguer, I am so happy to stay and out.

Antonio more than 1 year ago

Why? We have Mighty Fine already.

Trader Joe's would be a nice addition (not a burger place, but a cool and quirky grocery), but In-N-Out is not nearly as great as what we already have here.

Pixielady more than 1 year ago

George - Incorrect

George - In-N-Out is open on Sundays. Been going there for years and can guarantee you they are not closed.

Guest more than 1 year ago

Christian based ownership!

Not only do they use fresh ingrediants, they are Christian based and closed on Sunday's.

George more than 1 year ago


How funny, another uninvited person from CA using the phrase "stay out". LOL

Bob more than 1 year ago

Stay Out

As an ex-CA I have to say I hate seeing this. It is overhyped and our LOCAL P Terry's is better. But Round Rock can become the chain Capital of Central, TX while Austin keeps all the real food.

RR more than 1 year ago

In-N-Out, YEAH

Have been eating at In-N-Out forever when I visit Calif. Fresh tasty burgers and good fries, served fast, clean, and friendly. They don't just buy Sysco meat. One guy being scared of IH-35 isn't a reason to not get an In-N-Out. However, those places are packed day and night and need room for parking and the lines of cars that form, so I hope that is considered in location selection. But if RR doesn't want them, they can set up in my front yard.

TS more than 1 year ago

In N Out Coming to Round Rock

Whataburger Rules!

Native Texan more than 1 year ago

Actually it is a bad location

Too much traffic. Most people I know avoid that area of town. IH 35 is only for those who must drive it and tourist. I have not been on IH 35 in over 10 years and even though I love In and Out Burgers, I will not drive over there to go to it. Should have put it somewhere in between like Parmer or 183 or 1431 or Lakeline area, the Cedar Park, Leander, WEST Round Rock, and NW Austin Area. Not Northeast Round Rock, yuck.

Ray more than 1 year ago

In N Out Coming to Round Rock

OMG...In N Out. Cannot wait...I will be taking pictures as the building goes up and I will take the day off to be the first to be served!! Double, double, animal style...the best. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

Silvana more than 1 year ago

New Growing Area, Pflugerville !

Town Center is absolutely growing! You can also have a drive through !! No zoning required !! Think about it !!

Paula more than 1 year ago

anywhere is good

I don't care where they put it as long as it's within driving distance!!!

Luis more than 1 year ago

In-N-Out Location

Even better location is 1431 & Parmer in Cedar Park!

Kent more than 1 year ago

In and Out

Darn, couldn't you come to Cedar Park, Tx or Leander, Tx? We don't have any good hamburger places around here. Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, REALLY!!!!

Texas Chik more than 1 year ago

great location to make money

Sorry, Larry, but it's actually a great location for In-N-Out. Along I-35, right next to the RR Outlets and a movie theater, in an area of town that's growing exponentially.

charles carmichael more than 1 year ago

In and Out

Bad location......... should be around 620 and anderson mill NW Austin - Cedar Park

Larry more than 1 year ago


Yayayayaya I'm so excited. It's right around the corner from my house. Just made my day.

Carina more than 1 year ago

Happy Happy Happy

I can't wait!!!! In and Out are the best burgers ever, and Round Rock definitely lacks good burger places.

Jane more than 1 year ago


Don't get me wrong, In-N-Out is bomb, but central TX needs PTerrys more than this.

SPM more than 1 year ago

Bring more Cali to Texas

Now we need to bring Togo's here.

Cali Girl more than 1 year ago

Praise Jesus!

Angelica from Leander here. Praise Jesus I don't have to go to CA or Ft. Worth for a hamburger! Even my Texas native husband likes it and ranks it up there with Whataburger! I will certainly be the first girl in line and cry like a baby..InNOut is finally here!

Angelica more than 1 year ago

California takeover???

Kyle, If the California based company "Apple" had not "taken over" there would be so many Texas out of a job. Be glad that Californians are here and helping keep the Texas economy going! Why hate???

VRN more than 1 year ago


My husband and I road to the Ft. Worth location last year. It took us three hours from Round Rock; we ate until our hearts content, then road back (another three hours). We stopped at a truck stop to eat our "take home burger", then finished the trip. All this on a motorcycle and in the summer heat. IT WAS WORTH THE TRIP.

The Wheeler's more than 1 year ago


Kyle, you must have never had an double double animal style before or a Neapolitan shake . In-N-Out is AMAZING.

L-Dogg more than 1 year ago

In and out

We have several good burger joints.. what is one more.. besides, most of the people going to be going there are the california transplants.. Which number in the tens of thousands last time I checked.. What we need now is a great New York hot dog stand for all the New Yorkers that moved here, and a really good Chicago pizzeria.. the ones we have now dont cut it.. Lets not forget our Canadian brethren who number atleast in the low thousands.. snow cones and pine floats?

Central Texas more than 1 year ago

I agree

Kyle, negativity is not very becoming... If you don't like it don't eat it. I have worked with In-N-Out on a number of occasions and they are a very good company. They treat there employees really well they have strong business ethics, fresh food with no preservatives and the taste is AMAZZZING!!!! You should be joyful to have a business like that coming to town! Also I am not originally from Cali but I did live there for some time, there is no need to be judgmental over California after all Cali is a part of the country that you live in we are all American's here you should be proud of that!

Brandilyn Christine more than 1 year ago


IN-N-Out is the BEST!!!! I love, love, love this place I could cry tears of joy! BEST NEWS EVER!!!

Brandilyn Christine more than 1 year ago


Kyle, the California takeover is welcome.

Steven more than 1 year ago

Don't Hate

Looks like Kyle is happy to perpetuate the California hate. In-N-Out is a great Christian company and a great thing for Central Texas whether you like California or not. Be happy businesses are coming here, creating jobs and providing a product Texans love, at least so far in North Texas anyhow.

Central Texan more than 1 year ago

In and Out

and the California takeover continues .

Kyle more than 1 year ago

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