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Not in the vision

Mr. Avery,
We did not misinterpret anything. That type of secured medical facility stands in direct contrast to your proclaimed vision of the Avery Centre having a neighborhood feel with the area being walkable. My family would no longer have been walking on the nature trail nor the lovely Texas State/ACC Campuses as the proposed secure hospital with its cameras and high walls would have been wedged in between my home and the places of higher education that my tax dollars built and support. I also never believed building that facility there would have served Springstone's clients any more than it would serve the existing community. This company's other facilities are all built on much larger tracts of land with greenspace buffers providing a peaceful place to heal and recover - not dumped down in the middle of a busy growth corridor with ever-increasing commercial business and traffic bounded by 6 schools in a one mile radius and homes located directly across a small residential street. This location made no sense to anyone of us apart from the assumption that building it on other land nearby was hindered by non-compete clauses in the original land donation. I am glad they have reconsidered and wish them the best in finding suitable land that works for everyone.

Jennifer Dunham more than 3 years ago

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