Pflugerville breaks ground on long-awaited library expansion



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I agree with Craig. I voted against the expansion for that very reason. If Pflugerville wanted to do it right, they should look at the Round Rock library. The selection is amazing and well organized! They even have their early reader books color coded by reading level. Pflugerville not so much, and a lot of their books are old and falling apart. I got a texshare card and just drive out to Round Rock every few weeks for their far superior library.

Sandy more than 2 years ago

Library expansion

After looking at the plans at the library I was extremely disappointed to discover that the number of book shelves in the library isn't increasing. That's right: the city is spending tax dollars to expand a library without actually adding more, you know, *books*.

If the city wants to waste money on "living rooms" and "tech bars" they might as well be honest about it and create an Apple Store branch. Those of us who really love reading are very saddened to see such terrible waste. Tons of money spent on a library with no significant increase in books. It'd be stupid if it weren't done by the government. Now it's just, sadly, expected behavior.

Silly bureaucrats.

craig more than 2 years ago

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