Pflugerville inks deal to build water park by May 2014



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water park

Who would ever fund such a deal as this other than some politicians that are spending someone else's money? Pflugerville is going to finance the construction for a $20 million dollar plus facility and then rebate 90% of the property taxes that are due? Did the city negotiate a share of the profits if this deals flies? Does the City assume the financial liability if this deal fails?...yes...Welcome to Pflugerville...or shall I say Detroit Jr....But look on the bright side, after Shlitterbahn opens their $300 million dollar plus water park maybe the Federal Govt. will pay PCDC and the City of Pflugerville a stipend to be a refuge for the Barton Creek Salamander, the Golden Cheeked Warbler, and the Pflugerville tax-payers money!

S. Laughlin more than 1 year ago

water, water where?

What an idiotic idea? Texas, and much of the west, is in one of the worst droughts in 50 years, yet PF wants to build a water park?

david porter more than 1 year ago

If you want to speak out about this proposed waterpark, please attend meeting!

City of Pflugerville
Notice of Public Hearings

The Pflugerville Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council will hold public hearings at the Pflugerville Municipal Building, 100 E. Main St., Suite 500, Pflugerville, TX for the following purpose:

To receive public comment and consider an application for a Special District (SD) to permit an Outdoor Commercial Amusement Park in the Corridor Urban Level 4 (CL-4) zoning district for approximately 25.00 acres in Travis County, TX, to be known as the Hawaiian Falls Water Park Special District. (SD1308-01)

This property is located on the east side of FM 685 at the southeast corner of Town Center Drive and FM 685.

All interested persons are encouraged to participate in the deliberations on these hearings, which will be held at:

City Hall, 100 E. Main St., Suite 500,
Pflugerville, TX 78660

On the following dates:

Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Citizen_PF more than 1 year ago

Representative Democracy?

This is not an issue that should demand an argument even. One word...DROUGHT.

NotFromTexas more than 1 year ago

Should Pflugerville become a tourist town?

Since when did we decide we want to become a tourist town? Money magazine just ranked us the #44 best city to live in, but now our town leaders decided that we need to get into the tourism business??? Trying to balance tourism with quality of life is especially challenging. I don't see anything wrong with having some small local attractions available for residents, but when you try attracting tourists from other cities, that's an entirely different matter.

Stone Hill shopping center was a great idea, but they didn't give enough thought to the traffic problems, and that place isn't even fully built yet. This new water park can only worsen the traffic situation. Planning new roads after they are needed shows how short sighted the city council has become. Future growth requires much more planning before we sign any more one sided deals with big developers.

Siamese Kat more than 1 year ago

city response regarding traffic problems

Check out the city's response to all the concerns that are being raised regarding the new water park:

With regards to the traffic problems, they say "The city is working with Hawaiian Falls on additional entrances and even a new roadway connecting in from SH 130 to lessen the impact on FM 685."

So where is the money for this new roadway gong to come from? Based on this statement from the same press release, I don't think they have it figured out yet: " its first year of operations, resulting in a significant increase in city sales tax revenue totaling approximately $62,000 the first year alone."

So how much of a road can you build for $62,000 ? That little amount of money would hardly cover a short driveway. To me it looks like somebody neglected the water and road infrastructure that is going to be needed to support this new water park, and that economic burden is likely to fall on the taxpayers..

concerned taxpayer more than 1 year ago

PEDC has too much power

The PEDC seems to have too much power, signing huge agreements like this without community input. How did this group get so out of control? Common sense dictates that you don't announce a new water park during the same month you announce Stage 3 water restrictions. I noticed that these PEDC guys are now in "damage control mode", posting on the city web site that this water park will recycle the water and thus use no more total water than a ballpark field. Hey, can I use the same logic to water my lawn whenever I want?

Seriously, considering that we have a limited water supply, and we're going to need a lot of water to maintain this new water park, doesn't that mean that water restrictions will kick in earlier in subsequent years? Nobody in their right mind wants that. This new water park will likely negatively impact every water user in the city, and this deal was done entirely in secret? We need to pull the rug out from underneath this PEDC before they harm the city anymore.

abused citizen more than 1 year ago

Sensationalised short term "economic development"

When are we going to get serious and start planning for a world where every child has a secured future and something to contribute.. All these short termist fragmented tired debates about economic development make me sick and are besides the point.

Planners are survivors and our children's futures are at stake. As long as there's no net loss of water, no net output of co2, I'm cool

91' more than 1 year ago

Urban Growth Machine is hungry for open spaces and your tax dollars

Why did the Council pass this with no public input? Commercial interests are once again placed before community interests. The plan to grow Pf out to 250 thousand residents continues unchecked. Once this monstrosity is built it will be so much easier to justify building a hotel and more roads. There is so much money to be made, but only at the expense of the environment and residential quality of life. A tax-payer funded water park during these drought conditions and water utility woes, could the Council be more adversarial towards its' voters? The Council has also lost any credibility in bringing in "green business" with this unwise use of city resources. Profit from taxpayer-subsidized investments should be returned to the taxpayer in the form of a rebate and not infrastructure to fuel more commercial growth. Lastly, the people have what it takes to stop this boondoggle from taking place if only they make their voice heard.

pf citizen more than 1 year ago

WATER PARK but we are on a water restriction

My main concern is the environment. Lack of water and yet we are building a water park? This doesn't make sense at all. #2 this is a Christian based business does this mean for those who don't share their views can't get in? So my tax dollars are going to something I don't completely agree with. We don't have the roads or the water to support this but I'll have to see the funding come out of my paycheck. Isn't Cedar Park getting a Schlitterbugh? So two water parks right next to each other. I can promise you that Schlitterbugh will do a lot better than Hawaiian Falls. No one cares about the environment anymore; it's all about the money.

cynthia more than 1 year ago

Longtime resident, first time poster

Look fellow citizens, Pflugerville needs this. We need this. Our tax burden and city pride need this. Think about this: why would anyone come to Pflugerville right now? To live here is pretty much it. I applaud the council for taking a risk along this growth corridor. We aren't Austin - we don't have 35. We arent Round Rock - we don't have Dell and 35. 130 is our shot to commercial growth which helps our schools and our resources through taxes. When I drive 130 from Georgetown to Seguin what do I see? Nothing except Pflugerville construction and the F1 Track. Think about that. We have a chance. Let's make the most of it. Otherwise we will see more development like on 1825. That is bad for our investment (home), our schools (our kids), and a waste of a new opportunity 130 affords us. Get your Pflugerville pride on. Just wait till we get to invite our family and friends to our homes and actually have something to do here in Pflugerville together that will make people want to come back.

Steve Lang more than 1 year ago

tricky worded press release by the city

There is a carefully crafted press release regarding this new water park on the city's web site:

I noticed they said: "In the first year of the agreement, the economic impact to the City of Pflugerville will exceed $30 million."

That looks purposely deceptive, implying that after the first year the good times continue to roll on. What they failed to mention is that initial financial impact is mostly due to the construction effort, for example, all the construction guys that will be eating at Whataburger and other area eateries. Beyond the first year, the economic impact will be considerably less, so who are they trying to fool, and why?

If the PCDC is so sure that this is a good long term deal for the city, then why didn't they hold public hearings on it during the planning phases, so we could address big potential problems like traffic? Are they afraid of public hearings? Why are they trying to sell this to the public after they already signed the deal? My sixth sense suggests they got taken by these guys, and now they're trying to make the deal look good so they can keep their jobs.

Obviously we don't want citizens involved in every government decision, but there should be some limit to how much the town can spend on our behalf without our involvement. For example, if PISD wants to build a new high school then they have to ask the voters first for the bond money, right? Why should huge city projects be allowed to take place in stealth mode like this?

That said, I pray this deal works out well for the city. If kids could vote, I'm sure every one would vote for it.

Karl C. more than 1 year ago

park attendance figures

The four Dallas area Hawaiian Falls water parks had an average attendance of 212,500 each during the 2011 season. That's about 4 times the current population of Pflugerville, though obviously that number of visitors is spread out during the entire summer season. Still, even a small fraction of that number of extra visitors will make our current bad traffic sitution much worse. Then we'll need another bond package just to upgrade the area's road and water infrastructure. The business case for this new park is more complicated than it first looks.

Worry Wort more than 1 year ago


The traffic at the Kelly Lane/130 intersection is already a nightmare. What is being planned to offset that? Otherwise, I love the idea and think the economy can support it.

Kathy Olsem more than 1 year ago

water park

I can't wait!!!! this is fantastic news!!!! bah humbug to all the nay sayers.....this is a very positive, very exciting event, that has been too long in coming....i am thrilled to not have to travel to san antonio, or waco, just to enjoy a day at a park....thank you! I have been to the park in Waco, and it is a very nice park..the folks take good care of you and it was a very fun day for my family....I want to know how to get a years pass already....

kat walters more than 1 year ago

Summer season is short

Are there any plans to put part of this park inside, as they have done with some other water parks in Texas? They're pushing their luck if they expect revenue from just the summer season to pay all the bills

Curious more than 1 year ago

Successful water parks need good management

The Super Splash water park down in Edinburg opened up back in '98, and was also owned by the city, but ultimately failed. The rides were eventually canibalized to build the Schlitterbahn water park on south padre.

The lesson from all this is that the city should just let the professionals operate the park, instead of trying to do it themselves, and that's the current plan.

S.C.M. more than 1 year ago

They WILL find the water for this new water park

If you have any doubts just look at the success of Lake Pflugerville

Beach Lover more than 1 year ago

Will they allow food in the park like Schlitterbahn?

a good question.....

Jon more than 1 year ago

That's a lot of frijoles

Blu Bamboo was only going to spend 16 million for their much larger 50 acre park. Ain't it funny how they couldn't raise the money from private investors, but these Hawaiian guys talked our leaders into fronting 21 mil for a much smaller park. I bet they're making most of their money on all the initial construction to minimize risk on their puny little $750K investment

Og Bonkowski more than 1 year ago

ooops, looks like the park is at least 15 acres

looks like one of the parks within the park is 5 acres, so ignore my previous comment. It doesn't seem clear from the article how big this whole park is.

By the way same park in Waco charges $10 for a day pass, adult season pass $27, and kid season pass $20 (under 48")

Blackhawk resident more than 1 year ago

Mighty expensive park

$61 million for a five acre park. That's more than $12 million per acre, including the dumb parking lot. whoever signed this deal screwed up big time Is it too late to go back to the drawing board?

Blackhawk resident more than 1 year ago

A nice little town no more

This used to be a nice little town, but now it seems like the big developers have seriously compromised our underpaid leaders. Don't blame this new problem on our leaders; it's our fault for not paying for quality political talent.

Gumpy old man more than 1 year ago

Will our property taxes go down?

Will our property taxes go down because of this great new investment in a water park? Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Mark Snuderton more than 1 year ago

What about our other little waterpark

What about the little city water park behind Sonic? Are we going to close it and lose our investment on that when this new place opens up? It ain't big water park, but its a lot of fun, especially for the little ones.

Samantha, Pflugerville Parent more than 1 year ago

alcohol sold?

are they going to sell alcohol here? If so, who assumes the liability for us drunks? The city, because the city owns it?

Boracho more than 1 year ago

Too small

5 acres isn't big enough for a water park, not even close. Schlitterbahn in New Branfels is 45 acres. Even Schlitterbahn's little water parks on South Padre and Galveston are 26 acres each. I bet they can't charge more than $10 - $15 per person, and no more than $50 for a season pass

Franny more than 1 year ago

Giving the $21 M away would be easier

For $21 million you could offer 300 kids a summer job for more than 20 years, just do the math: $7.25 minimum wage times 40 hours per week, times 12 summer weeks, times 300 workers = $1 million

The city got the short end of this deal

Blackhawk resident more than 1 year ago

Water from where?

The drought has been killing the crops on that same property in recent years, so now the consulting company they hired determined that same land would be the ideal place for a water park. Makes perfect sense to me. Maybe they can construct a system of pipes and pumps to get the water from the dried out creek about half a mile down the hill. Or drill their own wells?

Be careful when you hire a consultant to evaluate your business prospects. The first thing they will do is figure out what you really want, then they'll come up with a bogus business case to support it. Happens all the time in government. If the project fails, the city officials just point to the consultant, who has left town long ago with his consultant fee.

retired politican more than 1 year ago

Other stuff has higher priorities

We don't even have sidewalks to get to Walmart, yet somehow they managed to scrape together $21 million for a new waterpark?

Frequent Walker more than 1 year ago

Bond rates are going up, build this park fast!

In the past 4 months, interest rates on muni bonds have gone up about 1%, making public projects like this less affordable. If you guys in Pflugerville are serious about building this water park, sell the bonds fast before interest rates go any higher. You would be amazed at how many public and private new projects have been killed across the country due to the recent rise in interest rates.

bond guy (Round Rock) more than 1 year ago

House on FM 685

I wonder what is going to happen to that single house off of FM 685. Does the city own it?

Joshua S Stonehill Town Center resident more than 1 year ago

Let's see the park details

What is the park map going to look like and what rides will they have? Also, how much will they charge at the gate. They must have some details if they plan to open by next summer. What we need now is some public transportation for the big kids to get there.

Future Life Guard more than 1 year ago

I can't wait!

My kids will love this park, and local teenagers need the jobs. I can't wait!

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Only in America

Where else besides America can you get a town to cough up $21 Million to finance a summer-only water park on a piece of property that is so dry it has trouble supporting a corn crop? With an initial investment of only $750K, it wouldn't take more than a couple unprofitable years for these Hawaiian Falls guys to walk away from Pflugerville. I love this country.

Jorge Resendez, C.P.A. more than 1 year ago

Don't forget new Cedar Park Schlitterbahn

The last I heard, they were still talking about building a new Schlitterbahn in Cedar Park. How is a little five acre water park in Pflugerville going to compete with Schlitterbahn?

John C. Martin more than 1 year ago

on hold

that one is on hold. no land has been chosen and no project is in place and the earliest they would build is 2015. and the pflugerville one is 25 acres, not 5. this is more likely to deter schlitterbahn if it gets built first.

julie more than 1 year ago

Other way around..

Funny, though, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington argued the exact opposite when NRH2O opened. There, they were concerned that giant Hurricane Harbor couldn't compete with a city-owned and city-funded smaller water park. (And they were correct, in that visitors to HH from the 76180 zip dropped sharply once NRH2O opened.)

This is a great deal for Pflugerville. I wish that voters would have approved the fully-city-owned-and-operated water park that was part of the Pflugerville 2008 bond package, which was in part defeated by the Blue Bamboo people saying it wasn't fair. They were never competent or secure enough in funding to pull off something like this.

Steve more than 1 year ago

not with my money

population of Pflugerville 50,000
Bond offer: $21 M
cost per citizen: $420

time for a recall election

blackhawk resident more than 1 year ago

Bad placement

Just wondering why they didn't decide to place it on the other side of 130? Would've been such a better spot

Tiffany more than 1 year ago


Exactly my thoughts - that section is already fairly congested too. How are they going to manage the traffic there which is already a little tough, particularly with the high school/middle school/elementary right there...

Julie more than 1 year ago

The city went too far this time

It is one thing to offer tax incentives to lure attractive new businesses here, but quite another for the city to sell bonds to fund an unproven major new business. I can only hope they are revenue bonds that don't put taxpayers on the hook if the project fails.

My next concern is, "Where are they going to get all the water to supply this new water park?" We're already under mandatory stage 2 water restrictions. By taking this action city officials seem to be suggesting that water restrictions just don't matter.

Pflugerville taxpayer more than 1 year ago

Is this a religious organization?

Check out their "about us" page.
Not to mention blowing 21M on a water park...

Dude more than 1 year ago

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