Proposed bill could reduce funds for Pflugerville ISD based on domestic partner benefits



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When the IMPACT took a poll, most didn't agree with PISD. Maybe PISD should look at what it's own taxpayers want first? And if this is healthcare that has to be purchased, why not just get healthcare somewhere else? It's not like they took the "partners" right to healthcare away, just shop around, it's cheaper than PISD healtchare anyway! PISD should have A: Listened to it's own taxpayers B: Have a little more respect for the Texas constitution. If they were prioritizing education, the matter would have never even come up. What a waste of PISD time to even think about the subject.

Greg more than 2 years ago

Absolutely Wrong

OMG, that just makes me sick!! PISD is not paying for the partners just giving access to people to have healthcare!! Wake up Legistatures, quit letting your own bigetry make policies. Everyone deserves to have access to Healthcare. It is not a marriage vs non marriage issue it is a do the right thing for humanity issue!!

Serita more than 2 years ago

Don't Mess with Texas Children

I'm getting tired of these "representatives" using our children as pawns to further their own political career. PISD developed a policy, supported by the local community, which brings increased value to district employees without increasing the burden on taxpayers. In business, this would be a competitive advantage for acquiring talent. Isn't that what Texas is all about? They've already failed at their job of providing adequate education to the children of Texas; why do these guys think more government regulation is an acceptable answer?

Doug more than 2 years ago

Sad, narrow minded-people

So when does Rick Perry complain about the "government micromanagement" being proposed here?

Our Legislature is a joke.

Bob more than 2 years ago

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