Rock ‘N Lights drive-thru holiday celebration coming to Round Rock



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Little extra money left over due to red light camera tax

Seriously ridiculous how much money is being robbed from the residents of Forest Creek due to the gotcha gate set-up at the entrance of this subdivision. At least two council members who invited this for profit company into our community are up for reelection this May 2013. Time to vote George White and Kris Whitfield out of office for this lousey idea unleashed on the citizenry of Round Rock.

Jason more than 2 years ago


The directions were horrible. No one out til you get to were ALL the traffic piles up then they tell everyone they are in the wrong area. Please have someone directing better.

r g more than 2 years ago

How much time?

I was just wondering how much time it takes to go through it all. I was interested in taking a youth group before we all head to church.

Marie more than 2 years ago

re: Finally

Trail of Lights is back this year.

Bob more than 2 years ago

Leave Cost High

Please leave the cost right where it is.

It will help cut down long lines and ensure this is an annually repeatable process.

Aaron more than 2 years ago


I can't wait to take my kids to go see this! Since the Trail of Lights hit down there is nothing local like this anymore! The cost seems great seeing that the trail of lights was $20 per vehicle. Thank you Round Rock!

Holiday Spirit more than 2 years ago


The price seems a bit high. I would love to experience this event but I'm hesitant. Is it worth $15? $5 really sounds more reasonable. At the end of the trail you could have an option to donate more money if people felt lead to do so.

Christy more than 2 years ago

I love light shows!

I'm very excited about the light show. It does seem a little expensive since it's just 1.5 miles but my husband and I will still check it out. Does the carnival have adult rides or just kid rids?

Lisa more than 2 years ago

Pls re-think cost

I think it is a little too expensive especially for first year. Please re-think the cost. We have been to other locations like this and they are much less expensive and have a lot more to offer.

christy more than 2 years ago

Flat Bed trailers or hayrides

Was told by the RR Parks and Recreation that the road in the park is a public roadway and that a flatbed trailer such as a hayride would not be allowed in the park as it is subject to the same rules as any public road.

Mark more than 2 years ago

Trail of Lights RRock

You enter from Old Settlers Blvd and exit is next to Salt Lick (79)

Diva more than 2 years ago

entrance to trail

Exactly were does the trail start? I see that it ends at Dell Diamond.

Barbara more than 2 years ago

Hayride Question

Hi Mark. We contacted the city, and they said all vehicles that enter the event are required to be licensed. If you have any other questions, feel free to call the city at 512-218-5540.

JP Eichmiller more than 2 years ago


Is there an opportunity to take a youth group through on a hayride trailer? I noticed you have a mention of buses and "more than 30 passengers". Would our trailer be allowed and fall under one of these counts?

Mark more than 2 years ago

Rock 'N Lights Volunteers?

Hi! I was wondering if y'all are taking volunteers for the carnival/booths that will be at the end of the drive thru by Dell Diamond. If so, I am very interested, please let me know!

Joey Romero more than 2 years ago

Reindeer Run info

Hi Nathaniel. Here is the link to the city's site with information about the run and how to register:

JP Eichmiller more than 2 years ago

reindeer run

how do you sign up for the run? my wife and i are interested.

nathaniel more than 2 years ago

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