Round Rock officials hope to attract Major League Baseball franchise



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Have you people ever been to a major league game?

It costs $7 to get into an Astros (100+ losses this year) game and less than $15 to see the Rangers (90+ wins). Last time I went to an Express game it was $5.

Baseball is not football. Baseball spreads revenue out over 35,000-40,000 seats for 81 home games each year. NFL teams have 65,000-85,000 seats for only 8 home games. This means there is a greater supply for a smaller demand, resulting in the cheapest tickets in professional sports.

Austin more than 2 years ago


Paid attendance is not the same as actual attendance. I went to many games and while the paid attendance was around 8 - 10,000, less than 5,000 actually showed up. I think this would be an ideal place for MLB with San Antonio and Austin and surrounding cities, but if all they want is for fans to pay for the seats without showing up, then they have a winner.

Randy more than 2 years ago

Economically Friendly

Actually A major league ticket is not that much. Living in houston you could take off work and go see a game for next to nothing. yes seats may have been a little high but you still got the experience. Ive paid as little as 10 dollars for a major league ticket.

Problem I would see is where to build it. I

JasonBo more than 2 years ago

Pro ball in Round Rock

Having attended many-many Round Rock Express games since the very beginning and watched as the team and players climbed up through the ranks, but for RR to think Express attendance will translate to a pro team not realistic. The best part of having any Minor League team in your town is value. A family of 4 can attend a RR Express game (and eat) for the same cost as going to the movies. The Majors can't compete with that. No way!

Dean not from RR more than 2 years ago

Round Rock MLB

Part of the reason that RR had such good attendance is that minor league baseball is a very economically family friendly sport. MLB is not. The higher ticket etc. costs of major league sports essentially price out a lot of the folks who prefer the minor league versions. I am always amazed at politicians' quest for major league sports; it's all ego for the cities/leaders and so often doesn't add that much to the local community. There's nothing wrong with having a great minor league team.

Kay Bell more than 2 years ago

Don't you come to me asking to help pay $500 million or more in property taxes so you can build this boondoggle!!

Bob more than 2 years ago


I would love an MLB franchise in Round Rock and the population numbers seem to support it. But, potential butts in the seats aren't important to the league. It is all about television markets. Right now we are split between the Rangers and Astros and are considered part of each market. Not gonna happen.

A. Selig more than 2 years ago

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