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re: how so, and re: interchange

Roy, you're right. Will be a pain for drivers wanting easy access to the University Commons shopping center, BJ's, the future In-n-Out, and the movie theater. In addition to the routes you mentioned, they could take a right onto University Oaks before IKEA, or go way north to turn onto Teravista and double back south via Oakmont.

Bryan: the Pinavia interchange LOOKS great, but really is only a solution for brand new interchanges with lots of open land to spare. Round Rock/TXDOT are pursuing the DDI because it'll save tens of millions of dollars and lots of time, plus it improves safety and gets cars onto I-35 more efficiently.

charles more than 2 years ago


The Pinavia interchange looks better.There must be a way to do away with the stop lights.

Bryan Mitchell more than 2 years ago

Re: How So

I think I see the problem that MidiMagic is talking about. Take a look at an aerial view of the area. Currently, northbound traffic accesses the restaurant and shopping area immediately north of University Drive via the northbound feeder road. One has to drive through the intersection to access the main drive. Under the DDI plan, there is no way to do that since the next exit is north of that driveway. Drivers would be forced to exit to the Outlet Mall, enter the parking maze, and double back south. The only other option is to turn eastbound on University and enter via the back (University Dr) entrance. The main drive at the feeder road for that shopping center and restaurant would be rendered almost useless except for traffic leaving the center and proceeding northward. The collector roads are absolutely necessary or you'll have increased traffic flow through the intersection at the expense of frustrated drivers having to find long circuitous ways to access businesses on the feeder road. The video from Springfield shows no collectors, so this must be a nightmare for the uninitiated.

Roy more than 2 years ago

Sounds perfect

This seems perfect for almost all overpasses of a major highway. The only sacrifices that are made are more land is used and there is no through traffic across the frontage road intersection of the DDI. Perhaps MidiMagic is referring to a situation where the major highway is shut down and traffic must be diverted to the frontage road. Even in that case, it seems like a single lane under the overpass (as is planned here) would be sufficient.

Dan more than 2 years ago

How so?

MidiMagic: care to explain how they don't work with frontage roads?

charles more than 2 years ago

Diverging Diamond

A diverging diamond does not work with frontage roads.

MidiMagic more than 2 years ago

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