Austin ISD considering land purchase to build a new south high school campus



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New High School

We need the New High School in our community.
Dove Springs is in need of a High School.
Most of our students are traveling across town to go to school.
Save money on the gas and buses that travel everyday across town.
Most of the kids on the west side of town go to private schools, etc.
Not sure what that will do to our taxes but we must find some kind of agreement and build this school in a place that actually needs it.

Edward A. Reyes more than 1 year ago

Really? Come on now.

The students from Paredes MS and Bedichek MS are mostly going to Akins High School. There are many students at Akins, I think you guys should consider to build a high school Southeast.

Paredes Parent more than 2 years ago

SWA Growth

Considering AISD has built 2 elementary schools and a middle school in SWA in the last 9 years it seems pretty obvious all those kids won't fit in Bowie which has been over crowded for years and is getting worse. Just look at the growth numbers. 45% growth compared to 8%?

Also developers continue to build new neighborhoods in SWA. Two more massive subdivisions across from Circle C started in the last year. All those families will just add to the over crowding problem at Bowie.

Mark more than 2 years ago

New South HS

I agree with AISD_SW. If we can't expand Bowie outward, expand upward. Also, Bowie isn't as overcrowded as it's been before. 2900? That's still small compared to what it's been. It used to be well over 3,000 and that was with fewer classrooms and portables.

Build the new HS Southeast, east of IH 35 to help that area. Then shift some kids from the eastern edges of the Bowie zone over to Akins like they did when Akins opened.

Alan more than 2 years ago

South Austin Impact?

Why isn't there a "South Austin" impact newsletter? Anytime something happens there it's a toss up as to which newsletter I need to read - Central? SW? Buda?

What happens when Circuit of the Americas kicks into high gear?

Union of Concerned Citizens more than 2 years ago

New SOUTH High School

I'm in total agreement with Southaustin's comments. The SW Austin/Bowie POV is rather myopic and a squeeky wheel at that. The Southpark Meadows/Akins area is experiencing extraordinary growth at this point in time, and the prices are rising lockstep. If you drive down South First towards Manchaca, you will notice the sea of framing from developers in the area. I looked into buying a house in the area, and was shocked that I couldn't find anything under 200K. I'm not talking large houses either <1300sf.

Austinaut more than 2 years ago

New school

Sounds like folks are trying to revert to 1950s segregation - building a school apart from "those kids". Growth is actually southeast...check the real numbers.

Southaustin more than 2 years ago


Why would we spend money to build anything other than another comprehensive High School or add on to what we have in place today? Obviously, Bowie is way over crowded and more developments are going in near Circle C off 45 and 1826 on top of already over corwded Elementary Schools in the area.

Our own impervious cover ordinace keeps us from adding more permanent classrooms to Bowie, which would be the cheapest and logical growth plan. Change the impervious cover rules for ISDs and add on to what we have in place today. Build taller buildings, if needed.

We need to stop hiding or dancing around our own illogical ordinaces, especially when it comes to our schools. We also need to vote on the impervious cover ordinace, change it for ISDs and move on cost effectively with our school growth. It's time for a change.

AISD_SW more than 2 years ago

New School

Why is Akins constantly refered to as "Southeast Austin" when it's is SSW of downtown? And wouldn't a new HS relieve BOTH campuses for that matter? The Akins attendance zone stretches all the way to Westgate, and within a mile of Bowie. A new "South Austin" high school would most likely be built within the Akins zone, a zone that makes up roughly 80% of the suburban south Austin from McKinney Falls Pkwy, all the way over to Shady Hollow.

Austinaut more than 2 years ago

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