Travis County does not renew gun show contract



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What gun crazies don't understand...

there are a lot of us out there that hate guns and hope not to get shot by one randomly.

RR more than 1 year ago

support your neighbor

then you should support your neighbor that does like guns and is willing to protect you from random criminals

common sense more than 1 year ago

parking lot sales?

Brown is a moron. Illegal parking lot sales have nothing to do with gun shows. Legal sales between gun owners will be forced into parking lots if gun haters like Brown have their way in shutting down the secure safe gun shows.

David more than 1 year ago

not about guns

this is just the political left demonstrating that they can do whatever they want, legal or illegal, by misleading elected officials and the public about an issue.

conservative more than 1 year ago

Who owns it?

The question is: who owns the property? If the answer is We, the People, then the commission cannot deny the use of said property.

If the answer is NOT We, the People, then we live under TYRANNY. Simple enough?

TSGT B more than 1 year ago

Individual Rights are not trumped by "inappropriate" or "community priorities"

What none of those against continued "gun shows" at the Expo Center seem to get is that our individual rights are not subject to their personal interpretation of what is "inappropriate" or what they deem the "community's priorities". The vast majority of gun transactions at these events are made with background checks and involve an FFL dealer. Oh and by the way there is no "loophole" for so-called high-capacity magazines. They are legal under Federal and State law.

John Q. more than 1 year ago

Gary Brown

Gary Brown seems to want criminals to own guns but not ordinary law abiding citizens that wish to protect their family from criminals. I hope folks realize this before they cast their vote.

2nd amendment more than 1 year ago

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