Christmas Lights in Houston

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Christmas Lights

11711 Canyon Vista Lane, Tomball - this address is in a gated community and not accessible.

24603 Stoughton Court, Katy - the decorations at this house are fantastic! There are quite a few other homes in this community that are beautifully decorated as well.

The absolute best location in Houston is a home off Gessner Rd just south of Clay Rd. Turn west on Kemp Forest Dr and go to the last street on the right (Quincannon Ln). The decorations cover the entire cul-de-sac.

Marianne more than 2 years ago

Christmas Lights Christmas lights synchronized with music.

April Jordan more than 1 year ago

Displays with synchronized music

Several houses in the area have setup excellent displays synchronized with music.

Woodlands Traveler more than 2 years ago

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