$33 million project to improve Hwys. 114/170 interchange



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Westbound 170 Ramp Finally Open

They finally opened up the westbound 114/170 interchange ramp in Trophy Club. What a major difference and much better traffic flow.

James more than 1 year ago

Eastbound open

The East bound ramps from 114 and 170 are open, which occured on Friday. I cannot believe they did this side first, as the other side needs opening in the worst way. The entrance from 170 is a bit hidden and says 170 east funny enough not 114 east...crazy. Allot of cars are missing the entrance.

John Oleon more than 1 year ago

October Opening, Really

Cannt believe that this is going to go on until October, What more do they need to do atleast to allow eastbound traffic from the 170 to bypass the Trophy Club lights and then allow westbound traffic for the 170 traffic to join the new road and take the new bridge on to the 170.

Mr Peacey more than 2 years ago

Project manager

Although I don't have the project manager's name, our story in Thursday's newspaper updates the project and explains that some of the work has been redone at the contractor's expense because it wasn't up to TxDOT standards.TxDOT also addresses in the story why workers may be sitting in their vehicles or talking on cell phones.

Judy Wiley, editor, Community Impact GCS more than 2 years ago


Wow, this is getting ridiculous. Does anybody know where to go, or who to call to get an update on the project? Who is the project manager of this horrible project?

Driver more than 2 years ago

Major mistake on bridge

It appears there was a major mistake in the bridge going into Roanoke as they are using jack hammers to demolish the new bridge deck. As if the project was moving at a snails pace this has to add a delay not to mention the cost increase due to the mistake. I'd like to know how a mistake on that magnitude could be made and who is responsible for it. I get upset every time I drive by and see all the tx dot trucks parked under the bridge doing nothing. It's like a hideout for tx dot and you never see more than five or six guys working at a time but lots of guys just sitting in their trucks

John f more than 2 years ago

Horrible Progress

I agree across the board...horrible project management. The DFW Connector has done a pretty good job managing and showing progress but this project has really missed the mark. I hit more delays at the 114/170 construction than I do for the DFW Connector. IF you are managing this project you need to take an internship with those managing the DFW Connector.

Mr. Howell more than 2 years ago

Bill of Goods

Ahead of Schedule of course thats what their going say, and the Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders.
, hello

Elvis more than 2 years ago

Slow progress

Something needs to be done to move traffic along more efficiently. It is at a snails pace eastbound and westbound everyday. I too am surprised that this project is ahead of schedule. I can't believe it is going to take uhtil Oct. 2013 to finish 1.6 miles of roadway!

Keller Resident more than 2 years ago


It's amazing to find out this project is set to finish around the same time as the DFW Connector, which is 100 times more complicated and larger construction project. As a commuter I see the future signs are already in place and grass is being grown on the side of the road, what don't see is concrete being laid and it would only make sense to complete the 170 and 114 merge so everyone could avoid the light at Trophy Club drive, but then again this project is being managed by good ol' TX Dot....thanks government agency

Angry Commuter more than 2 years ago

Re: project pace

I agree with Mr. Carter. It is incredibly slow. I have seen people on the other construction sites working on Sunday, yet I rarely see construction workers in any of this area during the week!

Why isn't there any more information regarding this construction project? Where is a timeline? Why isn't there any information about lane openning/closing? This project is affecting a tremendous amount of people everyday.

Mrs. Barajas more than 2 years ago

project pace

Amazed to ear that this project is ahead of schedule. This project is moving so slow compared to all of the other big hwy construction projects. I drive by it everyday and see very few workers present for such a big project. Let's speed it up please? At least open up the 114 to 170 lanes so we can move through there. Thanks!

Mr Carter more than 2 years ago

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