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This is wonderful news and I would love to be involved, soon....!
Excited that my vision, to help woman and children, is being started
right here, in my town...Thankful for Lisa Rose and all involved that
have worked so hard since 2006, for this haven.

Theresa Strayer more than 2 years ago

Transforming Generations

I am so excited about this Transformational vision that is so much more than housing or a safe place for women but it is an answer to creating a better life for the individual's who will reside here, not only in the now, but in the generational future of their families because the shifting of their mind sets will be the change that will make the remarkable difference for that woman, her community and her destiny. To truly help each other we must bring an answer so that none would perish and provide solutions to alleviate systemic poverty. These women will be given that chance mentally, physically, spiritually and socially to re-build themselves and their families! I can only imagine the testimonies that shall come forth from these women who shall arise beyond their circumstances and lead others to wholeness, purpose and value because they grab the hand to pull up to the greatness within them. Congrats to the whole team, let's stay the course and see it to the finish!

Anna M. McCoy more than 2 years ago

Opening of housing for families in crisis

Congratulations on Operation Handup! What amazing vision and courage to be the hand of Christ right here, right now! Please put me on email list to get updates on how we can help you.

Cheryl Rutherford, LPC more than 2 years ago

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