December 20, 2012

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December 20, 2012

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What a waste of time!!

And to top it off, there are 18 wheeler and construction trucks coming in at the same time. They should not be allowed on the freeways during rush hours, i.e. 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM. Many countries have this rule and trust me it helps a lot.

Farhan Silat 345 days ago

Does Andy Meyers have to drive in this mess?????

If he did I bet it would be addressed by now!

Julie more than 1 year ago

It is horrible

If I leave my house at 6am, I see minimal congestion between Hwy 6 and Beltway 8, AND I arrive in the medical center at roughly 6:35. If I leave my house at 6:30 (and have to drop my son off at his daycare that opens at 6:30am, it takes me an hour and a half to arrive into the medical center at my job, in other words, I arrive there at 8am. The 5mph speed we travel from Fort Bend county line to Beltway 8 has me seriously rethinking living in Katy, and EVER, EVER moving out there again. My sister and mother and many friends live out there, and I would like to have my family out there for many reasons, but the traffic and about 60 hours per month I spend on the Westpark makes living in Katy NOT WORTH THE EFFORT or lifestyle. Why has this problem not been addressed???? Do all the other people I am on the road with just chalk this up as the way it has to be? What a horrible quality of life issue and needless hours spent away from my 2 year old.

Julie more than 1 year ago

Westpark Tollway Expansion

Speaking from the personal perspective of a daily Westpark Tollway commuter, the last thing we need on the tollway is *more* traffic. The proposed expansion might have some merit, but not unless or until the existing congestion between Beltway 8 and State Hwy 6 is addressed. During the late afternoon and evening (Westbound) commute, the high volume of traffic coming on to the Westpark tollway from Beltway 8 is bring high revenu-paying tollway traffic to a dead stop, backing-up Westbound traffic all the way to the South Rice on ramp. In the mornings eastbound traffic is backed-up all the way to the Fort Bend County line. We need some help out here, and more traffic is not the answer.

William Garfield more than 1 year ago

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