March 28, 2013

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March 28, 2013

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Segment D Tollway/Signalized Roads

The new configuration of the road--the way drivers are forced to converge into one lane at numerous intervals--is extremely dangerous. I was almost in a wreck this morning and again in the afternoon, had a near miss.

Mad in Katy 7 days ago

Grand Parkway Segment D

This is outrageous! Pay to use a segment that is already free? FBCTRA should change their mind!

Jakob Agarin 37 days ago

Grand Parkway Section D

If I am reading this correctly, from 1093 to Hwy 59 is 18.2 miles and there will be 7 toll plaza's? A toll plaza every 2.6 miles! Wow, I guess we don't pay enough property taxes, sales tax and gas tax to pay for 18.2 miles, so we will have to pay even more to get to work, unless you "drive on the existing road today (feeder for those who don't know what is existing) that is free, it will not be tolled". Mike Stone sounds like a real sharp guy.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Grand Parkway Section D

You will be paying to use overpasses to avoid stopping at traffic lights.

L Williams 92 days ago

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