February 14, 2013

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February 14, 2013

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So after 10 years, when it's paid off, will it still be a toll road??? Most likely. Hmm...More taxes it looks like.

stisdale 35 days ago

Better than nothing

Those that don't like tolls prefer taxes?

kevin 45 days ago

Terrible Idea

They always say that the tolls will be lifted, but once the county sees the revenue they will refuse to lift the toll, even after it is paid for. We, the tax payers, already pay taxes that are supposed to go to byuild new roads and overpasses. Then .gov waste that money on frivilous expenses, and expects us to give them even more money in the form of tolls.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the lights at the 242 and 45 intersection just happen to take a little bit longer once the toll bypass is open. They will want to make it harder for you so that you will be forced to pay their toll "tax"

Texan til I Die 58 days ago

yet another toll

Here we go again paying another troll a toll. Might as well have to pay a toll to get out of my subdivision too. :(

anti-toll 92 days ago


You must live in HL too!

stisdale 35 days ago

Toll Road

Often when we have a toll road, toll bridge, etc., when that road or bridge is paid for, it becomes free. Occasionally, tolls are kept on if the project is a high maintenance item. A gas tax will not be lowered or cancelled.

Bob Yawn more than 1 year ago

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