High-speed rail gaining steam

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Innacurate Auto Calculation Bolsters Rail Cause

There is a gross miscalculation for the automobile cost of the hypothetical trip. Apparently the calculation was for fuel only. This is hardly the only cost of operating an automobile. The correct calculation for autos should be cost per mile for all costs associated with the automobile for the lifespan of owning such vehicle. These include cost of vehicle, fuel, insurance, maintenance, tires, taxes/inspections, etc. Usually this figure is anywhere from 35 cents to 60 cents per mile for the life of ownership. Even based on 35 cents per mile at 286 miles the cost is $100.10. In my opinion this bolsters the case for high speed rail even further.

Thomas Lemke more than 2 years ago

High Speed Rail Excellent Investment

My master's thesis covered the topic of high speed rail for the Texas Triangle. In addition to the door to door trip time savings, the interdependent economies of the major cities in the Texas Triangle make high speed rail an investment that would further bolster Texas as an economic powerhouse and whose time is well past due. In transportation markets of less than 500 miles, nothing can currently compete with high-speed rail Mr. Omara. The idea is for Texas and the United States to remain competitive in the world, not be left in the dust by relying on inefficient and arcane transportation solutions that have proven themselves inadequate for our 21st century needs. I have ridden many of the high speed lines in China including the Maglev, there is nothing in the United States that comes close to that level of sophistication. It is time to start catching up.

Gabriel Rojas more than 2 years ago

Comment Reply

Mr. OMara, to address your comments regarding the flight time and costs associated with travel to Dallas from Houston, as noted in the graphic, the time estimate is for a round trip and includes drive time to and from each city's respective airport. Cost estimate includes average airline ticket, gas, possible toll, and parking.

Brian Walzel - Editor more than 2 years ago

Ridiculous Comparison Numbers for Planes & Autos

I travel to all parts of Dallas twice a month from Houston and have NEVER had it take as long or cost as much. Airfare is $118 to $300 on United, with Spirit offering $70 flights in September. It certainly doesnt 6.3 hours for a 45 minute flight (unless you're driving from Dallas to catch a Houston flight).

I've driven it many times and its a four hour trip from The Woodlands plus the time to get to your area in Houston.

These silly comparisons show complete desparison OR deception on the part of supports of the high speed trains.

Michael OMara more than 2 years ago

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