Lane closures scheduled for Research Forest Drive for pipeline construction



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Because of the problems now with Research Forest, a great deal of traffic has diverted to Lake Woodlands Dr., but no one has adjusted the traffic signals to accomodate the increased traffic. If you are going West on Lake Woodlands, good luck.

Tim more than 1 year ago

The road workers are failing to properly mark road closures or detours. Beware of oncoming traffic that might be confused by the detours. We were almost hit head on at Gosling merging on to Research Forest today.

The road closures need to be properly and safely marked to keep vehicles from going the wrong direction or straying into the lanes which have been redirected from the other side of the median

Susan C. more than 1 year ago

RE: Walking Trails?

PB, the plans I have seen do not include interference with the hiking and biking pathways along Research Forest Drive.

Brian Walzel - Editor more than 1 year ago

Walking Trails?

Will the sidewalk been interfered with? That's quite a busy path for transportation/commuting.

pb more than 1 year ago


Are there going to be any major roads in The Woodlands not under construction? Woodlands Parkway by the lake, Research Forest shut down eastbound, SH242's flyover, 2978 widening.... driving anywhere is going to be impossible! Closing Research Forest down to one lane is going to make traffic come to a crawl especially starting the closure just as school starts, which normally makes traffic even worse. I'm glad I can bike to Krogers!!

frustrated resident more than 1 year ago

Research Forest pipeline work

Summer would have been a great time to do this project, open of school, not ideal

D Seale more than 1 year ago

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