The Woodlands, H-GAC study transit options



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Woodlands residents fleeing due to transit issues

I've given up on the Woodlands Express as a viable option to get me downtown within respectable time limits. The service has deteriorated significantly since we relocated to The Woodlands in 2009 and we've decided to leave The Woodlands and relocate to downtown Houston as a result. I can stand aging, smelly, congested buses, but cannot tolerate waiting sometimes up to an hour curbside downtown for a return trip back home on a bus that may or may not have seats available. For the first time, the Township needs to realize that people will leave the Woodlands if they can't sort out a viable commuter option for its residents.

Allan Traicoff more than 2 years ago

Roads in Woodlands

The time is now for increasing the number of lanes on all of the major trafficways in The Woodlands and to build a major parking garage in Town Center. Conjestion is only getting worse and the other options will not meanginful solve the growth problems. The developers are reaping the benfits of the new construction so let them put in the necessary infrastructure.

Steven J Clausen more than 2 years ago

Transit Options

As long as a commuter rail service is not considered as an option, we will continue to have problems that will only compound with time. Why does commuter rail seem so difficult to talk about in Houston? It is truly a mystery to me.

Victor Vead more than 2 years ago


Traffic has been an issue around the TC for several years now. I won't even go to HEB unless it's 9 i the morning. It's the only time you can find a parking spot. Traffic here is turning into Northern Virginia, among the worst in the nation. All this development is great for tax revenues but the current infrastructure cannot handle it

Scott more than 2 years ago

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