March 27, 2014

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Opening Date

When is Wiidlands Costco opening?

DonC 143 days ago

RE: Opening Date


Costco will open on Nov. 21

Brian Walzel – Editor 142 days ago


It's about time!!!

Scott 333 days ago


Bye bye Sams card.

Lisa a 343 days ago

Costco's about time and bye-bye Sam Card!

BJ Kochendorfer 286 days ago

Lunch is Served

4 out of 5 Costgoers approve of this move. Forget about the 1 who didn't approve. They must be a samster. And now I know exactly what I'm having for lunch. A dog and soda. Thank You Costco!

Kweaver 345 days ago


Perfect - more traffic at an already horrible spot. I have an idea - let's cut more trees down and build more buildings - welcome to The Woodland

TSmith 345 days ago


Where exactly will the Costco location be? Does anyone have the new location address?

Carla 348 days ago

RE: Costco Location


Thank you for question. An address has yet to be announced for the new Costco, but the store will be located on the east side of I-45 at Hwy. 242.

Brian Walzel - Editor 348 days ago


Merry Christmas to me!!! Love, love Costco! Moved to woodlands Tx three years ago. Been driving to Richmond since and I was just about to drop our membership! Yayayyaya!!!

M Anderson 363 days ago


Why driving to Richmond? There's one next to Willowbrook mall. Much closer.

Stacy 352 days ago


Any idea of when there will be job postings?

Amanda more than 1 year ago


Go to to apply. Applications are good for 60 days then you need to reapply. I would suggest you apply around August/September for this location.

D. Hayes 361 days ago

PDF Archives for WDL

Maquillage Pro Beauty opened in Spring at 525 Sawdust Road, Ste. 111 in March. The salon offers facials, airbrush tanning and makeup, bridal makeup, massage therapy and chemical peels.The Woodlands area salon is in the same shopping center as Hobby Lobby. 877-208-6139.






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