Woodlands Parkway facing problems, delays



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Bad Planning

The problem is not solely with the contractor - I blame the Woodlands Township for letting it get this far and for horrible planning. There should not be this much construction going on at once and the bridge should've been done first before opening up the floodgates for the rest of the pkwy just to bottleneck there for years... And Resaerch Forest Drive is another mess....straddling the seams makes for a horrible and confusing drive and then shutting it down to 2 lanes....asinine. Lots of rich and powerful people out here, lets hope their money and votes count when the time comes to reorganize the township....

Ben more than 1 year ago

Woodlands Parkway Expansion

This is so typical of "outsiders looking in". When there are design issues and unforseen underground issues, the contractor always gets blamed for the delays. The reality is that most of the time the deigns look great on paper but do not fit the field conditions. Usually, there is never enough investigation into whether or not what is designed will work with the existing conditions because the projects are designed from an office environment and visits to the project are usually not performed before the project is let to bid. The contractor not only catches the blame for these "oversights" but also has to "fit the bill" for the changes until a formal claim is filed and a Change Order initiated to compensate the contractor for his extended costs for these changes and delays.

Duane more than 1 year ago

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