April 4, 2013

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April 4, 2013

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Lone Star College enrollment growth

Thank you for your comments. I have called the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, but I have not yet gotten a response back with their projected numbers for Lone Star College System. I will report what their projections are as soon as I get them. Thank you for reading and for your comments.
-Tamra Santana
Tomball/Magnolia reporter

Tamra Santana more than 1 year ago

College uses bloated numbers to justify major capital expansion.

The info in this article is biased and inaccurate. The reporters are not to blame, but Lone Star Administration is. The Lone Star College System estimates that their enrollment will reach 110,000 students by 2018. This number is overestimated by 35% from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s projection of 81,762 students by 2020. Nor does this take into account the growing number of students who are taking classes online. Who profits? The builders, architects, bond lawyers, and administration who have a larger system to rule. Who is hurt? Tax payers. Don't be fooled: vote no for the bond with a clean conscience.

Mary more than 1 year ago

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